Most new entrants into (), get stuck on completing the tasks that give them “FREE” versapoints and are lost as to the way forward.

Below is a reply i sent to a downline member of mine in response to his email. It is reproduced here as it is useful to other new entrants into SFI and provides a resource to which many can be re-directed.


No doubt, SFI is a good online business with promising returns. Like most genuine online businesses however, most people come in with a wrong mindset which if not quickly adjusted, will lead to frustration. Most people think you can begin to make money online, immediately. This is very rare and it happens in most cases, only where the new entrant has been in internet marketing for some time previously and so has acquired skills and “structures” which he/she can leverage on for quick success.

Coming back to SFI specifically, you must be prepared to initially invest for quite sometime (months) to begin to see some results which will improve as you further invest consistently until you then begin to break-even and then turn into profit. This is a bitter truth most people do not like being told. I will not be helping you by continuing to delude you that you can succeed without investing. Do not let “Sign Up FREE” give you a wrong impression. It is truly “Sign Up FREE” but not “Make progress without any investment”.

You can use free advertising methods but this will take you much longer to begin to see success but a combination of free and paid advertising methods is the most ideal. You can read my “My Best Tip” for further elaboration on this.

What do you invest in?

My best recommendation is on T-credits with which you can bid on Pricebenders and begin to amass downline i.e Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA’s) indirectly via S-Builder Coop and Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSA’s) directly. You can also view ==> My Leadership Page for elaboration on other items you can invest in.

These are best ways for beginners to build their downline and as you mature in internet marketing, you can now proceed to other internet marketing techniques which you carry out yourself, to amass downline.

How do you bid efficiently so that you do not run into losses?

I have written an EBook on this, which you can find on this webpage ==> How To Win Pricebenders Auctions At Least Cost : Multiple Times Winner Reveals

How much do you invest?

This depends on how much you can afford monthly but from experience, at least $30 – $60 dollars monthly.

All in all, there is a lot of reading to be done through which you need to acquire a lot of new internet marketing skills and you can find a lot of literature on the SFI website to aid you in this regard. You just need to devote some hours a day/week.

Best Wishes.