So many internet marketers are oblivious of the fact that a good way to is by utilizing their inner pages. It goes further to enhance the “average” pagerank of your website.

It is also not only a good way to increase traffic to website but it is also a good way to enhance your website’s conversion rate.

How do i mean?

Increase Traffic To Website and “Average” PageRank

There are broadly speaking, two ways by which you can attempt to increase traffic to website. One way is through organic search and secondly through other means outside of organic search, such as pay per click, article marketing, forum posting, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

  • Other Means Outside Of Organic Search

Using this method, it is advisable you use the blog titles of your blog posts (inner pages), which comprise the long tail keyword phrases as components, as the target for traffic as these are likely to receive more clicks being specific descriptive sentences that prospective visitors can identify with or will be interested in.

The long tail keyword phrases are often formed as components into catchy sentences used as blog post headers, forum signatures, email signature ads etc.

Note that in postulating a higher search traffic, i am here referring to the already formed catchy sentences and phrases which the long tail keyword phrases (keywords) form a component part of and not the long tail keyword phrases in itself which we all know commands a lower search volume than main keyword phrases.

  • Organic Search

Using this method, increased traffic to website is attained indirectly by first elevating the pagerank of individual web pages and subsequently reaping from the resulting increased traffic to website.

This is more easily done than targeting the website home page as competition for the long tail keywords which usually form a component of headers of blog posts or inner web pages, is usually minimal.

If you succeed in increasing pagerank for a number of webpages/blog posts, you have opened up a number of gateways to your website as opposed to merely targeting your website home page which apart from being tougher to rank for, is only one gateway to your website.

  • Raising “Average” PageRank Of Website

Raising a number of web pages page rank rather than only the pagerank of your home page will pull up the “average” pagerank of your website more than merely raising only the pagerank of your homepage.

If you have a good internal linking structure, your home page can even benefit from the resulting link juice from several of its inner pages and begin to experience increased pagerank.

A Good Way To Enhance Your Website’s Conversion Rate

The increased traffic to website that you will get via inner pages is likely to be more targeted and so convert more easily to sales and hence profit than the traffic to your home page. This is simply because while the traffic to your home page in most cases is still on the lookout for general things, those with specific intentions as indicated by their request for long tail specific keywords incorporated in blog post headers, the catchy phrases of email signatures and forum signatures etc are more specific-oriented and in most cases have more resolute buying intentions.

In summary, to increase traffic to website, i recommend a switch in the usual average internet marketer’s approach of highly targeting his home page, to focusing more on trying to rank for his inner pages as a direct and indirect approach to elevating his .

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