Most internet marketers know the importance of traffic to any website. It is the lifeblood of any online business without which any home based web business is as good as dead. In this article, i present 2 super quick ways to .

  1. Link Back To Website/Blog From Emails You Send To Subscribers

    This strategy presupposes that you already have developed a mailing list which as you may very well know is regarded by many marketers as where the money is i.e.”the money is in the list”

    What you then have to do is that whenever you send out a broadcast or newsletter to your mailing list, you should only include a teaser in the email directly while reserving the “main menu” to be divulged on your blog when the reader gets there.

    You therefore insert links to a blog post, in the email at least in two different parts of the email, with a “call to action” for the reader to visit your blog for the “main menu”

    This ensures that many of your subscribers become regular visitors to your website/blog and thus increase website traffic.

  2. Send Blog Posts To Subscribers As Newsletter Or Broadcasts

    ( company and Autoresponder) has an option whereby the marketer can preset his tool to always deliver each of his blog posts to his subscribers as newsletter/broadcast. This is distinct from the normal newsletter the subscribers would already have signed up for.

    This is a very useful option which similar to the strategy explained above, serves to increase website traffic since only the blog post titles/subject is indicated while the subscribers have to visit the marketer’s website to read the full post.

    Like the above, the utilization of this strategy hinges on the marketer possessing a mailing list.

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