I often get asked by international affiliates, what they have for paying for any purchase/service at Strong Future International (SFI) and for receiving their affiliate commissions.

Being an myself, i recollect that some years ago, i could and did pay with an internationally acceptable debit card. But that is no longer the case since such method of payment is no longer acceptable to SFI.

I am lucky that of recent, i pay for purchases/services from the accumulated funds in my account with SFI.

For international affiliates just starting out with SFI however, i lay down below the various options now acceptable to SFI.

1. Pay Pal

There are some international affiliates whose countries are in the Pay Pal accredited list who can thus make use of this option to make payments to SFI.

2. , otherwise called .

This presents an avenue to receive sales earnings and pay for purchases at the tripleclicks store in addition to universal usage on the internet wherever the mastercard logo is displayed or that accepts mastercard debit card.

Cuts out the usual delays in waiting for days and weeks to receive checks since the international affiliate’s commissions can easily be paid into his tripleclicks prepaid mastercard which he can then withdraw almost immediately at an ATM displaying the mastercard acceptance mark, in his home country.

The tripleclicks prepaid mastercard arrives with a credit of $2 loaded on it, for Non-US residents while $12 is pre-loaded for US residents.

An online statement of account is available 24/7/365

The tripleclicks prepaid mastercard can be re-loaded by a transfer from the international affiliate’s bank account or from his other visa or mastercard debit card or also by cash($)

The tripleclicks prepaid mastercard costs $25 at the tripleclicks store.


Card activation-US–$9.95 per card

Card activation-Non US–$19.95 per card

Loading fee (Standard)–$2.00 per card, cash available on card in 3 Business Days, after acceptance

Loading fee (Expedited)–$3.00 per card, cash available on Card in 1-2 Business Days, after acceptance

Loading fee (Immediate)–$5.00 per card, cash available on Card in 2 hours, after acceptance

Monthly account maintenance–$3.00 per card, from available card balance each month

Card replacement-US–$9.95 per card

Replacement card–$19.95 per card

ATM Cash Withdrawals
ATM withdrawal-US–$1.35 per transaction, when withdrawal is requested

ATM withdrawal-outside US–$2.15 per transaction, when withdrawal is requested

Declined ATM withdrawal–$0.90 per transaction, when withdrawal request is declined


This is another acceptable to SFI, that the international affiliate can utilize. Pay By Cash supports many payment processors but the three that seems more readily available to most international affiliates are : Google Checkout, CashU and Western Union QuickPay.

For more detailed explanation on using this payment option, you can read this article on
How To Buy Western Union

4. Personal Checks from US Banks.

This is really not a good option for most international affiliates since one has to either have a bank account in the US or have someone who has and is willing to pay from his account, to utilize this alternative. Obviously, not many international affiliates are able to fulfill these conditions.

In summary, i would think that No. 3. Pay By Cash using either Google Checkout, CashU or Western Union Quick Pay, seems to be the most viable payment option.

Please see this post, as there has been an update

=> SFI Payment Options

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