Internet Marketing for small business primarily consists of the following:

Marketing Online of :
a) One’s product or service, developed from scratch. This for example can be in the form of software, downloadable e-books or even other physical products

Developing one’s product/service from scratch is quite demanding both in terms of finance and time and is quite
risky and more or less the preserve of highly capitalised companies.

b) on the other hand facilitates the marketing of some one else’s already developed product or service.

For many people who ask , this is one of the most common ways of .

Dealing in other people’s products i.e. affiliate marketing is quite affordable and desirable for most individual
internet marketers and is by far the more common option of the two.

One can with very little capital fully operate a
in this manner and would not have to bother about many requirements such as stockpiling of inventories,shipping, website development, product creation or development etc while one can primarily concentrate on

In this area of marketing, one is even considerably assisted by the principal company through various support mechanisms e.g. free , etc and the company shares a portion of the profit with the individual affiliate marketer (home based web business owner).

It is not even uncommon to see the affilate earning of the home based web business owner (affiliate marketer), being a greater share of the profit than that of the principal company.

Either of these two options must now be executed using an Internet Marketing System to .

One has to be very careful because there are a lot of scams on the internet.

Promote Product:

Promotion of the product or service can come in many forms.
This includes but not limited to the following internet
marketing strategies:

Marketing via Traffic Exchanges
Classified adverts
Solo e-mail ads
Blog Marketing
Article marketing
Forum marketing
Free for all(FFA) advertising

From experience, it is always best to consolidate all your homebased business opportunities on one website and consistently apply the above to the website and thus reap eventual economies of scale as I am doing, promoting these legitimate home based businesses

“Utilise the homebased business opportunities on this website and follow my PROVEN . Too Expensive
To Try Re-Inventing The Wheel”

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