Having been on the internet now for five(5) years and having passed through both formal and informal internet marketing training, i can now with the benefit of hindsight say that the following items are essential if you want fast .

  • You need knowledge, experience and information

      This is the foundation and starts from the basic formal education. I always say to stand a good chance of success, i advise a minimum of a university degree while extremely brilliant candidates can make do with a high school certificate.

      Proceeding from here, you need some formal education in terms of practical online training programs and not mere academic courses which can guide you on the desired path and hasten your internet marketing success.

      Finally, in this respect, you need to be an avid reader and thirst for knowledge as you have to independently source out relevant information on various web pages on the internet to give you an added boost.

  • You need to take massive and consistent action

      While acquiring the needed knowledge, experience and information is key and is the foundation, it will not on its own ensure internet marketing success.

      At the very early stages, your concentration can perhaps be 80% on acquiring the knowledge, experience and information while 20% can be for taking action.

      As you progress over months, this ratio should start declining in favor of massive and consistent action while there should always still remain a % allowance for acquiring knowledge, experience and information, no matter how long you have been in internet marketing, since acquisition of knowledge never ends.

      It is taking massive and consistent action in form of getting backlinks pointing to your web pages, updating content on your blog/website, social media marketing, article marketing etc that directly produces results.

  • You need to spend on adverts and essential programs but definitely wisely and within budget

      If you are not subscribed to any programs, you are unlikely to make any profit. It is however important that you also do not rush to invest in many programs initially. You should gradually increase your money programs base as your income base increases.

      Also, it is a common saying that “A business without a sign is a sign of no business”.
      Imagine a brick and mortar business that exists without anyone knowing of its existence, Is it likely to make sales? Certainly not. So also it is on the internet.

      Creating your website and hosting it on the world wide web is just the beginning. You now have to do the hardest part of getting targeted prospects to your web site. This is only effectively done with adverts which can be both FREE and PAID.

      FREE is fine but it has a cost in terms of the time spent. PAID is also fine but it also costs MONEY. You have to find a suitable balance but spend you certainly must, if you want to see fast progress. At any rate, will you not spend many times more on a brick and mortar business?

      You need to spend on buying backlink packages, content creation at least for article marketing etc, if you are to see reasonable progress within a short period of time.

Take the above 3 vital steps and you will be glad you did, as you will see significant progress – internet marketing success, within the shortest possible time.

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