This article is of particular importance to internet marketing newbies in serving as a checklist of the absolute minimum tools you must use and actions you must take to enable .

All other necessary actions that act as a springboard to internet marketing success revolve around or are somewhat contained within these broad headings.

    • Update Content Of Your Website/Blog Regularly

      It is a given that you must set up a blog as a platform for regular update of your website. This, Google and other search engines absolutely adore. For best results, this blog should be hosted on your domain so that updates to the blog count as updates to your domain/site.

      To reflect professionalism, it is also desirable that you set up a website as opposed to a blog with both your blog and website properly interlinked. While the website can be static html or if you choose WordPress dynamic, the blog should be WordPress dynamic.

      I have not given other blogging platforms such as blogger a chance from my personal experience having first started my blogging on a blogger blog. Apart from my well-based bias, a run through the internet will confirm that wordpress is miles ahead in achieving SEO benefits amongst other benefits for any webmaster.

      In most cases, the blog will drive traffic to the website.

      You should post to your blog at least once a week. Pre-set release of your posts to regular intervals as you may feel more inclined to write on some days more than others. This pre-setting will even out your posts over time.

      You can see Article Writing Tips for ideas to enable you be up to the task of consistent posting at least on a weekly basis.

    • You Must Undergo Some Form Of Online Marketing Training :

      Here you can learn some basic html to be able to update content of Your Website.i.e. add images, insert hyperlinks into text, format your content etc

      Here you can also learn how to use a tool such as kompozer or NVU to update your static html website while also learning how to use FTP File Zilla Client to regularly upload updates to your website from your computer system to your web host’s server and download from your host’s server to your computer system.

    • Participate in Forums in Your Niche:

      For example if you are in the home business niche, i recommend the Warrior Forum as a must and a few others such as Digital Point as compliment.

    • Regularly socialize with your contemporaries in a major social media site such as Facebook.

      Here you must be careful with the selection of your friends to ensure they fall within the same niche as you and are interested in networking so that you derive maximum advantage from your interaction with them to enable internet marketing success.

    • Traffic and Generation :

      The above sentence of four words is fully loaded as there are myriads of ways to and backlinks which is not the subject of this article. I will just give a quick itemization.

      => Search Engine Optimization
      => Pay Per Click (Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing)
      => Forum Marketing
      => Blogging
      => Email Marketing
      => Article Marketing
      => Video Marketing
      => Marketing via Traffic Exchanges
      => Classified Advertisements
      => Press Releases
      => Social Media Marketing – Social Bookmarking – Use a tool such as Onlywire to social bookmark your blog posts

  • If you consistently take the above actions and utilize the identified tools, you will have internet marketing success sooner than you think.

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