A recurring area of confusion to many internet marketers is, utilization of .

Why use “exact” keyword terms to judge your competition for ranking purposes in the search engine result pages (SERPs) when the search engine user will type in your keywords as a “broad” term i.e. without quotes and results will be presented as such?

The answer simply lies in the


in which the search engine results will be displayed in the search engines.

To explain further, when your site is highly optimized and ranks highly for an “exact” search term that a search engine user types in, even though as a “broad” term i.e without quotes, your site will appear in the search engine result pages (SERPs) higher up than sites that are also otherwise equally highly optimized and ranked (but not for those exact terms) even if those other sites have the “exact” search term the user typed into the search engines as components of keyword terms their site is ranking for.

Having settled the above, what you also must note is that when you try to rank for keywords based on their “broad” match competition, in most cases, you are over-inflating your actual competition as only a fraction of those will actually be competing with you for those “exact” keywords.

The implication?

You may make an erroneous decision of not trying to rank for a keyword term that actually has far less actual competition than you think or vice versa.

When i say “or vice versa”, are you surprised? Do not be, as there are many keyword terms with “exact” matches returning much higher search engine results than their “broad” matches.

You can view this warrior forum thread as an illustration of the pervading confusion that exists on this issue of keyword matching options, even amongst experienced internet marketers.

==> I dont see the point of exact or phrase match keywords??

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