A common question from prospects who want to learn how to is, when will they start if they venture into internet marketing and how much will they earn on a daily or monthly basis?

Another question is, if they join the Plug In Profit Site training program, is master card acceptable for subscription payments as they do not have a paypal or account?

To start with the last question first, yes any internationally acceptable mastercard and visacard is acceptable for subscription payment for almost all the individual programs/business opportunities under the Plug In Profit Site program.

By the way, while access to paypal may be restricted to some countries, alert pay is open to virtually all countries and you can open an alert pay account here for FREE.

The Plug In Profit Site program itself, which incorporates getting a website – fully loaded with business opportunities, access to the foremost internet marketing forum on the internet – warrior forum and the 30 days training manual is all FREE.

The only program/business opportunity that is compulsory you start with is hostgator (web hosting) which you require at any rate as your little corner on the internet and hostgator by the way happens to be the best web hosting service. That is all you should be requiring for some months till you have advanced in learning the skills of internet marketing.

It costs $7.96 for a baby plan paid monthly, which is the plan i advise since it gives you access to being able to host unlimited domains. The first month of hosting will however cost you only $0.01(1 cent) using the coupon code.

Of course, you have to get a domain which will serve as your internet address and which costs about $10 yearly.

Next, as i indicated in

=> Best Internet Marketing Training Programs

there are many skills you have to learn, to make money online. When you will thus begin to make money online will depend on how fast you learn these skills and many other factors.

For example, if as you learn , you also start referring others to the program through offline marketing, then you begin to earn immediately but if you will be using only online marketing and your level of the knowledge of the skills required is low, then you have to keep learning till you acquire these skills to start earning.

Other variables included in determining when you start making money online and how much, include whether or not and how much you intend spending on adverts etc. Naturally, one who spends more is likely to see results faster.

Another factor is whether or not you go through formal internet marketing training. You will, generally speaking, expect someone who goes through formal internet marketing training to begin to make money online faster than one who does not.

Another factor is the time you intend to devote each day or monthly to learning how to make money online. Naturally, all things being equal, one will expect someone who spends a lot of time learning to start making money online faster than one who spends less time.

Also the timing to acquire the needed skills to begin earning money online, is itself dependent on many factors.

One, is your current level of education and experience as this will indirectly have a bearing on your level of assimilation. For example, you will expect a professional chartered accountant or at least a university graduate of economics to assimilate faster than a school certificate holder, all things being equal.

Also, is your current education and experience internet marketing related?
Here for example, you will expect a computer scientist to assimilate faster especially in respect of building websites, updating websites especially if html, than a graduate of psychology, even though they are both graduates.

So that you are not disappointed, i will advise you zero off your mind from earning for the first six months when you will be acquiring the needed skills. That is not saying during that time you cannot earn a little here and there.

What can also facilitate your learning process and hence assist you to begin earning faster is if you go in under a sponsor who can put you through as you go along in your internet marketing journey.

He can refer you to resources which you may never have gotten access to and advise you on what investments if any you should make while learning and in short what step-by-step actions you should take generally. But make no mistakes, he is not going to do the job for you nor is he going to take the role of a coach or mentor completely.

In summary, it is impossible to say how much you will earn daily or monthly and when you will start earning, as results will vary for every individual based on the various factors/variables i indicated above, in respect of which every individual will be bringing different “units” to the table.

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