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The lifeblood of any multi-level marketing business is leads. The more leads you have in your pipeline the busier you will be and the more your MLM business will grow. This involves prospecting for people who want to make more money or are interested in starting a home business of their own. You want serious prospects that are worthy of your valuable time. This means finding leads online and sorting through, using an email autoresponder.

With that in mind, let’s talk about ways to generate leads you can follow up with, and sort out, so you can build a successful MLM business of your own.

1. Start your own blog.
Today blogs serve as websites and are easy to set up and get started generating with. The important thing to keep in mind is that people have a problem they need solved and that problem is making more money. Use your blog to explain how you can help them solve their money problem and you will get plenty of leads from it. Just make sure you have an opt-in-form placed conspicuosly on your blog so that prospects can sign up for your newsletter as they get more and more interested in the content you have on your blog.

2. Email marketing.
Offer a free report to get people to subscribe to your email list. Use an autoresponder to follow up with your leads. Provide helpful information on how people can make money with multi-level marketing and how you can help them do that. Timing is critical, so you want to keep in touch with your subscribers because you never know when they will be ready to respond to your offers.

3. Discussion forums.
Join relevant home business and Internet marketing forums. Set up a signature file with your blog url or lead capture page, where other forum members can go to learn more about your business opportunity. Participate in the discussions so you get your post count up and people see your signature file more often. The traffic that comes to your blog or lead capture page can subscribe to your email list for future follow up by you.

4. You Tube videos.
Video marketing is a great way to drive traffic to a landing page, your blog, or a company provided website. Create interesting videos and put your url in the video and in the description box under the video. Over 1 billion people visit You Tube every month and many are looking for ways to start a business or earn money online.

5. Facebook business page.
Set up a business page on your Facebook account and update it with information on making money in general and multi-level marketing specifically.
Whenever you make a blog update, post it on your Facebook page where people can find it. Add an email sign up form page as well, so people can get your free report. This helps you build your list of potential MLM prospects in the future.

6. Product reviews.
Write reviews on your multi-level marketing business and include reviews of products you sell. Post these on your blog and bookmark your blog post using Only Wire, or Social Marker. This will get the reviews online where readers and search engines can find them.

7. Twitter.
This is one of the largest social sites online and a great way to get potential leads for your MLM business.
More people are using Twitter as a search engine today looking for current information on a variety of topics including making money. You can use this to your advantage. The trick to using Twitter effectively lies in adding followers and tweeting about your business on a consistent basis. After you tweet, be sure to retweet using social media tools such as Buffer that allow you to schedule a series of retweets over the course of the week. This becomes a form of branding and is great for blog traffic generation and adding new MLM leads.

These are 7 ways to generate multi-level marketing leads. You want your focus to be on getting the leads and following up until a prospect identifies themselves as a serious candidate for your business.

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