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The industry woke up this morning to the cheering news that () has taken a bold step to simplify and improve its compensation plan to its affiliates.

Hitherto, though a solid and reputable , it was obvious something was wrong with the SFI compensation plan as the company failed to retain a significant proportion of affiliates who daily throng its shores.

It was usually a case of many joining, feeling the pulse, many unable to generate any income and the mass majority eventually quitting after spending months and in some cases, years as affiliates.

What was the bane of the previous compensation plan?

  • In my opinion, the benefits of any sale generated by the affiliate through his referrals to (the e-commerce site/marketplace of SFI) and/or his sponsored affiliates, as well as purchases made by his sponsored affiliates, based on which the affiliate was compensated, did not last beyond that particular month or time period. i.e. income was not truly residual.
  • The direct purchase of the affiliate himself only accrued points(versa points) and no direct income. These points was just a means to an end i.e. it merely served as a basis for determining the rate applicable to the “commissionable” amount (labelled Commission Volume) which then resulted into the actual commission payable.

Main Features Of The New SFI Compensation Plan

The new SFI compensation plan is an attempt at simplifying and making more lucrative, the hitherto complex system.

Turns, layers and levels within the compensation plan that confused new affiliates are now removed.

For example, direct commissions on sales of referrals and purchases of personally sponsored affiliates is now calculated as a straight 45% of the commission volume for every affiliate, while hitherto it was determined in layers based on your rank within the SFI system and the number of versa points you accumulated for the relevant month.

Hitherto for example, Executive Affiliates used to earn 30% of the commission volume which now implies a 50% raise for members at that level and by implication a raise of much more than that for ordinary affiliates.

In fact, since Ordinary Affiliates and Executive Affiliates constitutes about 95% of SFI affiliates, this implies a raise of more than 30% on average for at least 95% of SFI affiliates.

Similarly, commissions on the affiliate’s CSAs (co-sponsored affiliates) are now a nice, straight 15% of Commission Volume.

There has also been a simplification and beefing up of ECA Royalties. Affiliates will now earn a straight 10% of Commission Volume. It used to top out at 6% for Platinum Team Leaders and was just 2% for Executive Affiliates, so this is a 500% increase in payout for most SFI affiliates.

About the most significant change took place in the way “overrides” is now to be calculated. “Overrides” is the commission to affiliates resulting from their indirect sponsoring and referring activities, that is, not resulting from their personally sponsored affiliates and directly referred members.

Now, a Triple Clicks Executive Pool is to be created into which 40% of the commission volume of all company-wide purchases is put. From this pool, each versa point represents a share and affiliates of the levels of Executive Affiliate and above are entitled to draw equivalent shares to the versa points they accumulate.

For Team leaders, they are in addition entitled to draw the equivalent of versa points accumulated by their team members (qualifying them as team leaders e.g. Executive Affiliates consecutively for 2 months). This is labelled MATCHING Versa Points.

For more details, you can view the SFI compensation plan here

Now, to more analysis.

A resultant effect of the new compensation plan is that Team leaders can now earn on the other ACTIONS and not only sales and purchases of their downline.

For example, all actions of their downline which resulted into accumulation of versa points such as logging in to the affiliate centre daily, issue of newsletter, carrying out a product review etc now becomes beneficial, income-wise to the team leader.

Another positive fallout is that the no. 2 bane of the old compensation plan highlighted above, is now rectified. For Executive Affiliate level and above, the purchases made by the affiliate himself now gets compensated with “cash” from the Triple Clicks Executive Pool and not mere accumulation of versa points.

No one should however delude himself by thinking “paper actions” can now be substituted for actual sales and purchases of Triple clicks products as a means of accumulating commissions. There is a limit to earnings from “paper actions” and the bulk earnings will still continue to result from actual sales and purchase actions.

I tell you, it is a new dawn at SFI(Strong Future International) and old and new affiliates are welcome to benefit from this new dawn.

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network marketing opportunity

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