Nice to be back overtly after about a month of working behind the scenes and virtually having no time for updating my blog posts.

Not only that i lacked the time to update blog posts, i was also hesitant to waste valuable time and resources given that a continuous change seemed in the offing.

What was i up to?

That should be apparent to those who frequent this website by now as they will have observed that this website is sporting a .

Along the line, i veered into unintended arena and but for adequate website backup, would have lost my website content significantly.

This is an advise to all to ensure they regularly backup their website content. You can use the “Export” function on wordpress to have an XML backup onto your computer system hard drive.

You can also use the WordPress EZPZ One Click Backup plugin to have a backup stored on your system hard drive.

Another option is to use the service of your web host to do a website backup. This can be a full backup, a partial back up of the home directory, MySql databases and/or email forwarders and filters. This can be done in Hostgator through your c-panel literally at the touch of a button.

I must commend the efforts of the hostgator technical/support staff who came to my assistance many times when i ran into troubled waters. Hence the need to host with the .

I also value the assistance i got from peers at the warrior forum – no doubt, the #1 Internet Marketing forum.

I first of all got a which i soon discovered was not completely plugins and widgets ready as a number of my plugins was not functioning.

With the benefit of hindsight, things could have gone much easier if i had simply uploaded the wordpress theme i wanted installed. I however “dismantled” my entire website/blog and started “re-coupling” virtually from scratch.

Hitherto, i utilized an html website on my domain with an attached wordpress blog in a directory of my domain. Now, i have both the website and blog “literally fused” on my domain and completely run by wordpress.

To those who visited while the old theme was in use, which do you prefer?

Would you agree that a wordpress theme is very significant to the success of a website?

How significant is a wordpress theme to SEO results?

How significant are themes to online income generation?

Are wordpress themes more contributory to certain types or class of online income more than others? If yes, which type of online income are most responsive to installation of “superior themes”?

Is a premium wordpress theme always more effective than a FREE theme?

Are there really “best wordpress themes”? If yes, what are there features?

Can any particular company be tagged with the production of “best wordpress themes?

What do you know of “Thesis and Woo Themes”?

These are all questions begging for answers and i look forward to hearing your views on these and many more that you can come up with.

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