Yes, who wants internet marketing success but no ?

It does not cease to amaze me that most new entrants to internet marketing want internet marketing success without online marketing training.

I think this must be as a result of misconceptions about Internet marketing that there is a “gold mine” everywhere on the internet just waiting to be plucked.

My dear prospective internet marketer, let me state categorically that there is no “gold mine” hanging loosely everywhere or anywhere on the internet, waiting to be plucked.

What happens is that sometimes a few prospects without adequate online marketing training get lucky and make some $$$ and this information gets round. They are usually never consistently lucky and hence such successes are temporary and are not sustained.

Another reason may be due to the hype by various marketers offering products with juicy “get money quick” offers. These are mere marketing gimmicks.

It should be realised that Internet Marketing is a body of knowledge just like other courses such as medicine, accountancy, pharmacy, law, architecture, offline marketing etc for which people study and even obtain degrees before practicing.

It certainly will be ridiculous to expect success in these other fields of endeavour without sound training.

Having settled the fact that training is crucial, the next thing is what sort of training is essential?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of online marketing training.
Formal and Informal.

The informal training entails picking up relevant information in the course of your browsing and otherwise, in relation to the subject (Internet Marketing) in question.

On the internet, such information can be gotten or “learnt” on forums, various relevant websites, via e-books etc.

The formal training involves actually joining an online marketing training program or undergoing a course where internet marketing concepts and practices are formally taught.

My recommendation?

From the benefit of my experience in internet marketing, i would infact first advise a basic educational qualification of a university degree or equivalent for the average joe. For the exceptional ones, a slightly lower educational qualification may do.

The educational qualification is necessary as a sound background for the prospect to grasp all the information (sometimes technical) he has to contend with in his march to success in internet marketing.

It is also important for him to be able to chun out reasonably good articles in his niche as this is a very vital part of internet marketing. “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is a common saying which in this context presupposes some background knowledge and information from which you can now reproduce good content if your reliance is not to be on “duplicating content” or outsourcing your article generation.

Experience in whatever your field of endeavour is, is also crucial in giving that required hands on knowledge and information base which you can then build upon.

Armed with the above, you are now in a position to imbibe and succeed with the various knowledge and information passed across to you via formal online marketing training, which i recommend. Actually, i mean formal combined with informal training.

Where people get informal training, you will often hear them say they would have achieved success much faster had they had a mentor (formal training).

The advantages of formal online marketing training are too numerous and not the subject matter of this article and so we can only take a sneak peek into these here and they include :

=> Speedy realisation of targets or personal goals as you avoid the pitfalls of others.

=> Help in identifying legitimate and effective homebased business opportunities

=> Provision of a sound and tested internet marketing sytem which can produce desired results.

=> In some cases, provision of an already fully loaded money-making website ready to start taking orders and making money.

=> Provision of a forum where cross exchange of information can take place amongst newbies and internet marketing gurus alike and so where ‘grey areas” can be cleared.

=> An efficient support system which further answers specific questions the “trainee” may have.

=> An e-manual detailing various up-to-date internet marketing strategies which the “trainee” can deploy to get good results.

=> The presence of other “trainees” which provide that “school” environment which quite often propels one to action to achieve greater successes.

I can go on and on but as i said earlier, that is not the main subject of this article.

Some of the advantages listed above can only be gotten from formal training programs as opposed to formal training courses and definitely not through informal training and so i would recommend formal online marketing training programs which are also more “practical”, over the formal training courses and also definitely over informal training.

Above all however, i would recommend combining both formal online marketing training programs and informal online marketing training to achieve the desired result.

This is because internet marketing training is very wide and cannot possibly be covered in any formal training program which will only act as a springboard on which you can now leap to internet marketing success.

Moreover, internet marketing is dynamic and new concepts and practices are emerging daily and you can only keep up with these changes through your individual effort in various informal online marketing training fora.

What perhaps scares away most prospects from formal training is the thought of hard work and no money attached.

Let me however clarify that the hard work is what you will still have to go through anyway to achieve internet marketing success but is even made simpler by assistance received in the course of training.

As to the monetary aspect, while there is no specific monetary gain attached to the online marketing training programs, you get to start making money based on your deployment of the knowledge you acquire and this happens as fast as you can learn.

Earning while(through?) learning is an apt description.

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