A good time to commence , is relative.

It will depend on when you attain the following, amongst many others:

Sufficient knowledge about Pay Per Click Bidding such that you don’t burn your fingers

Enough funds to invest on Pay Per Click Bidding

Your attitude towards risk

Whether you have more money than time or vice versa

The timing you set for yourself to attain a particular target such that you need to fasttrack by using Pay Per Click Bidding.

Sufficient knowledge about alternative sources of driving traffic including () such that you are able to authoritatively compare and conclude that Pay Per Click Bidding at that time is in fact a better alternative or can become complimentary.

All the above are variables which will differ from individual to individual.

It is pertinent to say that whenever you eventually choose to plunge into the murky waters of Pay Per Click Bidding, you should, set a budget and make your ad highly targeted and your landing page very effective such that it will adequately convert

It is also relevant to state that Pay Per Click Bidding is not a substitute for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but rather an effective complement as whatever you do, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the long term marketing strategy which is enduring and relatively cheap. Though it takes time to take effect but the momentum can hardly be stopped once it builds except perharps you shut down your website.

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