A common misconception about that often arises and in fact determines when many internet marketers will begin , is the belief that the cost involved is so high and so not advisable at start up of internet marketing.

Such school of thought advise therefore that it is better you utilize other traffic generation techniques first and then pay per click internet marketing, later on in your internet marketing journey.

This article shall reveal why this approach is not necessarily authentic.

    • What is Pay Per Click Internet Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Internet Marketing simply refers to an internet marketing strategy or marketing technique whereby you get to advertise your product or service on the search engine result pages of search engines, in advantageous front positions /front pages, at a fee.

    Your ad could also appear on the websites and products in the search engine’s network that relates to your chosen keywords.

    • Factors Determining Positioning Of Your Advert In Pay Per Click Internet Marketing
  • The exact positioning of the ad is determined by some factors amongst which are your

    – Bidding price
    – Quality Score (determined by highly targeted keywords, ad text, and campaigns)

    • Types of Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Programs
  • There are a number of pay per click internet marketing programs but the most prominent are Google and Yahoo.

    While Google’s is commonly called “Google Adwords” , Yahoo’s is commonly labelled “Yahoo Search Marketing”

    “Google Adwords” however, is by far the more sophisticated, reliable, broad market based and result oriented pay per click program on the internet.

    • Why should an internet marketing newbie commence pay per click bidding as early as possible?
    1. Pay Per Click Internet Marketing happens to be one of the most targeted forms of advertising available and therefore assures that you are likely to get sign ups to your newsletter as well as buyers of your products and/or services much faster.

      The impact of a quick sale at start up on the pysche of an internet marketing newbie is better imagined than quantified.

    2. The alternative which is usually touted as “free” and more suitable to the purse strings of an internet marketing newbie is “search engine optimization”, which can be a “mirrage” for quite a long time, being a long term marketing strategy.

      The pursuit of this thus leaves most internet marketing newbies, frustrated and many in fact quit, since their goals of optimizing for their keyword phrases end up being unattained.

    3. Pay Per Click Internet Marketing is almost an instant response system whereby the results of your bidding action reflects almost instantaneously.

      This again, given its speed, acts as a launch pad for most internet marketing newbies’ efforts which most internet marketing strategies cannot accomplish.

    4. Once you are skilled in utilizing pay per click internet marketing technique, it almost always results in a net positive return, as that should be the yardstick for measuring its success and not any amount invested.

      Which would you prefer
      1. Spend $50 and realize $100
      2. Spend $10 and reap $20

      Rationally, it is better to reap the larger return of $50 (100-50) rather than the smaller $10 (20-10)

      What is important is for you to take the time to study this internet marketing technique and become proficient in it.

    5. When running any pay per click internet marketing campaign, especially with Google, there are usually enough controls instituted within the dashboard with which you can control the amount you want to invest on a daily and/or monthly basis and your loss cannot exceed the amount you input. You can also adjust this upwards or downwards as you wish, to “cap” any possible loss.

      All you have to make sure, is that there is ample coverage within the margin (price less cost or otherwise, commission) of any product or service you want to market with the pay per click internet marketing technique, to cover your bidding price, many times over.

      You also have to pre-determine the probability of making a sale or achieving any other set target e.g. newsletter sign up within the estimated number of clicks per your computation, to still be in profit.

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