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’s(Strong Future International) E-Commerce Website (Triple Clicks) has recently launched a site online () that is making waves.

A number of have taken place where brand new products have been carted away at mouth-watering, almost ridiculously low prices.

View an advert for the penny auctions.

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==> New Penny Auctions : Pricebenders Making Waves

An enticing feature of the penny auctions is that on winning, the item is shipped to you FREE of shipping costs, irrespective of whatever part of the world you are based. All you have to pay for is the auction price.

You even have an entire month(30-days) to make payment for the item before your hold on it is deemed forfeited.

You bid with which can be bought very easily at the Triple-Clicks Store in packs ranging from 1 single unit to 200 units of . These even also constitute one of the items often offered at the auctions where many people have gotten to win them at less than 1% of the retail price.

Joining Pricebenders is FREE and since some of the items on sale also include units of , it constitutes a great way to build your downline in Strong Future International. As you may well know S-Builder co-op is the official co-op of SFI which generates sign ups for a fee for SFI members who sign up for the co-op at a fee. Inability to get personally referred affiliates due to various reasons such as inexperience, lack of time etc. is therefore no longer an excuse.

The interesting thing therefore is that this S-Builder co-op units are also regularly auctioned at penny auctions of Pricebenders and have also been won a couple of times at less than 1% of the retail price.

The auctions are indeed another business building tool of SFI, as Co-Sponsored Affiliates(CSA) are usually common auction items. It is indeed a great way to amass affiliates under you.

And in case you need any more reason to try out Pricebenders, here’s a testimonial :

“I’ve added over 2,000 Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) to my team for $9.86 through the auctions. Purchased 6 S-Builder co-op units for less than 8 cents a share. Won over $6,000.00 worth of TCredits if purchased individually from the free Pick-The-Price contest.”

Come along and join new penny auctions of Pricebenders, FREE.

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