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’s is the current talk about town in the internet marketing circles. No doubt, ’s rating/status as the world’s no. 1 affiliate marketer lends credence to the program.

Perpetual 20 brings an innovation to the affiliate marketing field in terms of the uniqueness of the compensation plan. It is completely novel.

Perpetual 20 basically seeks to generate 3 major income streams for the affiliate.

Income Stream No. 1 – Reverse 2-Up Residuals
The affiliate gets a direct payment of $20 into his AlertPay account from the subscription payment of his 1st and 3rd referrals forever while $20 payment from the subscription of the affiliate’s 2nd and 4th referrals is made direct to the AlertPay account of the affiliate’s sponsor.

This particular income stream becomes more rewarding for the affiliate as his referrals begin to recruit their own referrals since $20 of their 2nd and 4th referrals monthly $29.95 payments now goes to the affiliate forever.

Income Stream No. 2 – Unlimited Commissions
The slogan is “refer just 4 people and you’re fully qualified”. This implies that once the affiliate recruits just 4 people, he becomes qualified to receive $20 monthly payment in his AlertPay account from the monthly subscription of all his referrals henceforth and forever too.

Income Stream no. 3 – Instant Products Sales
Perpetual 20 offers on a monthly basis “a humongous database of killer information products in today’s hottest niches”. That is, ebooks, videos, WordPress blogs and themes, articles, reports and much more.

All these come with resale rights, and some come with full private label right (PLR) so the affiliate can do whatever he likes with them including creating completely new products.

Ewen Chia promises to update the library containing these materials on a regular basis so that they never go stale.

That is not all. Perpetual 20 provides professional training via online videos and in pdf formats to train the affiliate in the art of marketing his provided website and indeed in marketing his other .

I give thumbs up to Perpetual 20 in the following respects.

  • Direct payment of commissions to the affiliate’s AlertPay account.This will remove the usual delays and other bottlenecks that usually accompany the handling of commission payments to affiliates.
  • The use of AlertPay as Perpetual 20’s online payment processor. A lot of individuals in many countries who hitherto were not opportuned in view of their not having access to the use of Paypal and so could not benefit from such programs, now have a program that they can identify with.
  • The monthly subscription is reasonable at $29.95 especially considering the fact that $20 of this goes to the affiliates with only $9.95 retained by Perpetual 20 to cover administrative fees inclusive of hosting.

On the negative side, there is criticism of the way the list building resulting from signing up for the program or its free report – “secrets of perpetual income” is handled.

Some marketers are of the view that Ewen Chia uses the efforts of others to build his personal mailing list. They feel that the customers the affiliate generates should be on the affiliate’s personal mailing list and not Perpetual 20’s.

I however will comment here that nothing stops any affiliate from generating his own mailing list by having a write-up such as this blog post on his own website or blog and generating a mailing list therefrom before passing over the customers to Perpetual 20’s website.

Also, i do not think it is much different from what operates with other similar online business opportunities such as GDI, MyWorldPlus and the then Success University.

Because of the confidence i have in this program, this site is going ahead to offer a perpetual $5 “icing” to all subscribers through this site’s link

That implies with just 1 referral, you about break-even and turn profit on the 2nd referral. What other is more profitable?

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