as presented here is a completely unbiased review of the Plug In Profit Site by someone who ought to know having been in the system for upwards of 4(four) years i.e. since 2006.

May i quickly state that i have been in and out of the program twice since 2006 during which i traversed the internet extensively looking for a possible alternative to this .

My findings? No credible alternative. Of course, i registered with some but quickly found out they were just not up to scratch.

May i hasten to say that this does not imply i will not point out the drawbacks to this internet affiliate program which if amended can propel the Plug In Profit Site opportunity to much greater heights.

This is not an attempt to rehash as you have enough material in

  • You need to go through the resources indicated above which are more or less an advocacy for the Plug In Profit Site homebased business opportunity, to get one side of the story while i now dwell on the second side of the story i.e. my criticism.

    • Stone Evans does not get personally involved as much as one would wish. He leaves virtually the entire running in the hands of his Support Services Director (Patricia Brucolli) who also doubles as the Plug In Profit Site Forum Moderator.

      She is no doubt very competent, knowledgeable and dedicated but i still think there is a gap which no one else but Stone Evans can fill.

      One understands that he must be a very busy person given his many other commitments but i still think he should find some time to regularly get involved, if even once in a week. Currently, he pops into the Plug In Profit Site Forum sometimes once in six months. May i quickly point out though, that i am aware he is contributing and participating in the background.

    • While the 30 days training program/guide/manual is reviewed often and the core programs that are comprised in the Plug In Profit Site website updated occasionally, i still think a more comprehensive review of the entire PIPS system is necessary to make it more efficient.

      For example, the sales page though slightly modified occasionally, has been in existence for too long and needs an overhaul. Also, the website which all PIPS members start with before they begin to alter it to suit their taste and need as they gather experience, has become a recurring decimal on the internet and so, boring. These even draws negative responses to affiliates from Google, who has become so used to these same old content being bandied all around the internet.

    • The Plug In Profit Site Forum as once known is dying. It used to be a very vibrant forum but with scores of products of the system now competing against the program in similar training ventures and luring PIPS members away from the forum, it has impacted greatly on the forum.

      Stone Evans apparently had no choice than to expel such erring members from the forum. Hopefully, newer members will now gradually populate the forum over time and with reduced leakages, the forum will become vibrant again.

      The saving grace in this regard is the main Warrior Forum which is internet’s #1 internet marketing forum and which remains vibrant. With Plug In Profit Site members having access to this main forum, it effectively compensates for the huge catastrophe that would have arisen had no such option existed.

      May i be fair and point out however that the Plug In Profit Site forum remains one of the freest forums i have ever operated on. There is no gagging whatsoever as you are free to express your opinion.

      This helps considerably in that you can thereby gauge the true feelings of members. I compare the forum to many others where your posts will not be published or where you will be sanctioned in one way or the other when you say something contrary to what the promoters wish to hear.’s forum is a particularly good example of such useless forums which gagg their members from expressing their true feelings.

      1. It should be understood that the three major ways by which the Plug In Profit Site program operates and communicates with its members is through
    1. 30 days training guide or manual
    2. Plug In Profit Site Support Forum
    3. Plug In Profit Support Communication System (Ticket System)
      Hence the importance of the Plug In Profit Site Forum as it constitutes the main means out of the three identified above that engenders mass participation and cross fertilization of ideas.

    • This review will not be complete without a consideration of the impact of the breakaway group of former PISTERS who had actually since formed a training group (Affiliate Power Group) but hitherto worked in co-operation with the Plug In Profit Site.

      This group has the advantage of close personal involvement and seemingly more dedication than Stone Evans apparently shows. But that is where it ends.

      As far as i am concerned, walking you through by the hands while playing a part in Internet marketing success, the bigger barrier is with customer perception which seems to favour more of experience and pedigree which Stone Evans has to his advantage.

      Don’t forget that as a member of any online marketing training program, you are meant to use that training group’s internet marketing system to recruit prospects. This is the most crucial as this is where your income comes from.

      What will these prospects be looking out for?

      Experience and pedigree which comes in the form of “guru status” as well as the stature of those giving testimonials to the program. As expected, the stature of those giving testimonials to the Plug In Profit Site and which features on the sales page, is miles ahead of that of this splinter group.

    • Is the Plug In Profit Site A Scam?

      Certainly not. It may have been somewhat hyped as to the speed of achieving results but that is about all. Most online home business opportunites are even much more hyped.

      It does achieve real results for anyone willing to spend quality time to learn the ropes. No doubt, internet and or affiliate marketing is not child’s play and requires dedication and commitment.

      The Plug In Profit Site will set you on a sustainable path of progress which can serve as a basis on which you can now frog leap to internet marketing success.

  • I have let you into the good, the bad and the ugly of the Plug In Profit Site, but i tell you, any day, any time, i will still go for the Plug In Profit Site. The only advise i will give is that you should go in through the link of a sponsor who is capable and will be willing to take the time to “show you the ropes”.

    Why not let me “show you the way”. Come on, don’t hesitate. Sign up now with the ==> Plug In Profit Site

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