Pop unders work by placing your website’s ad under that of another website such that as the visitor is quitting that other website, he sees your ad.

For success to be achieved with this, your website must be in the “general” category and not in a specialised niche as the original adverts under which yours is placed is very untargeted(unlikely to be in your category) and conversions are quite low.

It is however said that the cost of the ad is quite low enough to compensate for the low conversion rate.

Personally, I will advise against this ad type because of the untargetted nature which makes the conversion rate quite low.

Regarding opt ins or fly ins or sometimes , this appears on your website about 5 seconds into a customer’s visit to your site and is supposed to be unblockable by pop up blockers. It flies onto the website obstructing the visitors view and thereby attracting attention and has to be “closed” for the visitor to continue his surfing of that website.

Some, for example the war room pop up on the warrior forum are quite powerful that they cannot be closed but must either be left obstructing or clicked to take the visitor to its destination.

It is normal to include some FREE offers e.g E-books to attract the visitor to sign up on the fly ins.

There are also opt ins built to be displayed on traffic exchanges while an opt in may also be a “form” containing scanty details such as just e-mail address and name and this form is usually strategically placed on your website to capture subscribers.

What is common to all types of opt ins by whatever name they may be called, is that they are meant to “capture” subscribers.

In conclusion, a major disadvantage of pop up advertising or fly ins is that if improperly done or overdone, it can annoy the visitor enough to leave the website.

On the other hand, this is an advantage of the pop unders in that it does not block the view of the visitor but is a subtle way of getting his attention when he has finished at the site he is visiting. If the ad in this case were targeted, it would be an effective source of advertising.

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