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pricebenders penny auction strategy

Why the need for strategies to win bids?

Winning Pricebenders’ penny auction bids is not luck. A lot has to do with careful planning and research before the auction starts as well as adhering to pre-planned rules and procedures during the auction. In short, it involves skill acquisition.

What qualifies me to write this report?

You may wonder what makes me qualified to write this report. Well, you may not know but i am a multiple times winner of Tripleclicks Pricebenders .

It is not just the number of times that one wins auctions that matters, as some win most inefficiently(at high cost) while some participate so frequently that a number of wins does not reflect efficiency either. I can assure you that I have won in at least 95% of the auctions I have taken part in and at relatively low cost.

For some of my winnings, you can take a peek here

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You also want to know my pedigree?

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Benefits derivable from winning Pricebenders Penny Auctions

The problem most marketers face with affiliate opportunities and more so network marketing companies, is the inability or difficulty in raising downlines. Where some downline is raised, most turn out inactive and it stands to reason that only raising a significant number of downlines will achieve the objective such that if even a sizeable number don’t perform, the little percentage that does perform will more than compensate for the inaction of others.

Meanwhile, most relatively new marketers do not possess the skill nor experience to sponsor affiliates. This is one area where ()’s Pricebenders penny auctions comes in quite handy. Strong Future International (SFI)’s Pricebenders penny auction is one very productive way of amassing these downline whether in the form of Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA’s) – indirectly through S-Builder Co-op shares or Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSA’s) or both.

Though the ability to raise a significant number of downline is one major benefit of Pricebenders penny auctions, it could also be used to buy brand new products at bargain prices.

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Pricebenders’ Testimonial

And in case you need any more reason to try out Pricebenders, here’s a testimonial from another SFI/Pricebenders’ top winning Affiliate:

I’ve added over 2,000 CSAs to my team for $9.86 through the auctions. Purchased 6 S-Builder co-op units for less than 8 cents a share. Won over $6,000.00 worth of TCredits if purchased individually from the PTP contest.

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pricebenders penny auction strategy

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