It is quite common to hear the complaint “I am ranking high for my targeted keyword but yet i am not making any sales or very low sales”

There can be a lot of reasons why this is so and some are analyzed below.

  1. Is there a reasonable level of competition for your targeted keyword? If no reasonable volume of competition exists for your targeted keyword, it could well mean that it is not a product/service in high demand as most products in high demand are likely to have some reasonable level of competition. That may indeed explain why you are ranking high for that keyword with ease.
  2. Is search volume for your targeted keyword reasonably high enough? If search volume for your targeted keyword is not high enough, then you may also not get a significant traffic volume to convert into sales as conversions is also dependent on traffic volume.
  3. Your Meta Description may be poor.
    You may discover that searchers will leave a higher ranking site to click on a relatively lower ranking site simply because of its attractive meta description.
  4. Your ad copy/sales page /site may be poorly put together. A lot could be wrong on a site to impact on conversions. These could range from web design, to insertion of occasional images to spice up the site and create some staying power, insertion of “call to action” at appropriate spots, proper monetization with high converting products etc.
  5. A product may just not be saleable as can be discerned from the “gravity” of clickbank products for example. It is therefore important that you do your due diligence on a product/service before attempting to sell it and rank a related keyword for it.
  6. What is the average conversion rate for that particular product/service within your niche?

    It may be difficult to find this out but not totally impossible to have some reasonable estimates. This may serve as guidance as to what to expect in terms of conversions such that you can then proceed to identify causes of variances from this average when it is known rather than when it is not known and in fact it is a possibility that you have even exceeded the average.

    It is also when this is known that you can scientifically assess the traffic volume you need to hit a certain sales volume.

    For example, if you are dealing with a product with a generally low conversion rate, the traffic volume you are getting currently may not even be sufficient to make a single sale.

  7. In some cases, it may be possible to improve your conversions by working on some of the many items already identified above such that with higher conversions, you can now have a higher sales volume.
  8. If you are using Google Adwords Tool or indeed any such tool to determine search volume as a basis of assessing your traffic volume, it should be realized that the figures presented may be inflated as it includes searches of marketers for that same keyword. Many of these marketers are merely researching and not actually in a buying mood and so cannot quite honestly be described as potential buyers.
  9. Are you using “buying ” as your targeted ?

    You may indeed be ranking high for a keyword but that keyword may in fact not be a “buying keyword” such that your potential visitors may not be in a buying mood when they visit your website. Many may only be there for research purposes etc.

  10. Do you have autoresponder capture forms and exit pop-ups installed on your website such that you have a second chance to market your site visitors?

    It is common knowledge that many visitors may not buy on first visits but if you have the benefit of an autoresponder to continuously market to these visitors, you may end up raking in more sales after the 5th -7th interaction on average.

    It also affords you the opportunity of selling other products/services to these same visitors should they not be interested in the initial product you offered them.

  11. Is your product too expensive?

    In this tight economy, you will discover that except the product/service is quite indispensable, more visitors will go for relatively cheaper priced products and low priced products.

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