No doubt, article marketing remains a very effective internet marketing technique for generating massive viral backlinks and highly targeted website traffic. The issue however is whether the source of the webmasters’ articles should be his blog posts.

As explained below, using blog posts as the source for your articles to can be a double-edged sword.

  1. On the positive side, we all know how tedious it can be to produce just one quality original article not to talk of a continuous production of many top quality original content. It therefore is a relief for the webmaster to recycle his blog post as articles.
  2. We are all aware of the backlinks and traffic which can result from recycling these articles which more or less is a bonus since the webmaster must still produce content for his blog at any rate.
  3. There is a limit to the reach of the webmaster through his blog, since naturally his audience would be limited in volume. By leveraging on other audience from the article directories and the sites that subsequently republish his content from the article directories, the webmaster is able to enhance his popularity and get his views across to a wider audience.
  4. In these days of “content scrappers”, one might as well quickly re-use one’s blog posts as articles and gain the benefits before someone else begins to reap from where he/she did not sow.

There the benefits seem to end as coming along with these benefits are some serious setbacks.

  1. issues – As explained in Duplicate Content Controversy : Finally Laying It To Rest, unlike many people think, duplicate content issues can arise on the same site or across sites. It is just the way Google treats each that differs.

    Given that some of the article directories to which these articles are submitted are high authority sites, they may effectively prevent the same articles on the webmasters’ site from ranking highly for the targeted keywords/keyword phrases.

    Granted, there are article spinners and article leverage tools that can modify the articles to a certain percentage. However, the effectiveness of these tools is still highly questionable.

  2. Some article directories such as Buzzle and sometimes Ezine Articles, insist on the articles first being published on their article directories before the webmaster can use them as blog posts. This even compounds matters as their high authority, first of all stands them in good stead to outrank most webmasters and now combined with publishing the articles ahead of the webmasters, have effectively claimed authority over the articles in the eyes of Google and the other search engines.
  3. Another complication that can result from as articles to article directories is that should there be a change in url (even if 301 redirected) which often occurs and the webmaster’s content is temporarily removed from the search engine index with a view to it resurfacing with the new url, this may turn into a permanent disappearance or permanent loss in ranking as it either may be found unfit for the search index with many duplicates now dotting the web compared to probably many years ago when the post was initially indexed as fresh content. Even if subsequently re-indexed, it may have a hard time fighting through the ranks to a high level.

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