Of recent, you cannot ordinarily set your Google search settings to 100 results per (SERPs). When you try to do this through the “advanced search”, you get a feed back of “Your preferences have been saved” but in actual fact, nothing is done. The (SERP’s) continues to reflect a search results page featuring 10 results.

On investigating the cause of this, i discovered that it was deliberately made so by Google as a result of their new baby “Google Instant”. Google is determined to ensure that the speed attained by Google Instant is not minimized which will be the case if search settings is set to rates higher than 10. A case of determining what is good for the user by Google?

The inability to set search results per page (SERPs) to 100 has resulted into an outrage against Google as a lot of Google search users are complaining bitterly.

This has led to an explanation of the cause by some Google officials and an highlight of the way to go about circumventing this problem.

What you need to do to still be able to set the search results per search engine results page to 100 is to first of all disable Google Instant in the search settings. After you have saved this preference, you then go back to search settings and now set your desired search results per search engine results page to 100 and again save this preference. Your search results for each search engine results page will now read 100.

For those who read my post on How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google : Using Google Search, please note this as a way to still be able to access your search results per search engine results page in bits of 100.

To give you an indication of the growing level of discontent resulting from this issue, please find herewith these links which features Google employee’s feedback and various webmasters’ comments.

=> Search Settings Revert Back To 10 Per Page

=> Google Isn’t The Only Game In Town

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