As an internet marketer, some and are so essential that i cannot do without them. A number of times i have had to re-format my computer system and have convinced myself i cannot do without them as they become noticeably missing even when i am initially very briefly unconscious of their absence. I just get to discover i require their use and it nudges me to the reality of their absence.

All the four /add-ons/extension stated below require you to have downloaded and installed the Firefox web browser. Why would you not be using Firefox at any rate if you are into Internet marketing, as it is the most -friendly web browser.

SEO Toolbar

The most useful feature of this toolbar to me is the Google PageRank bar with the actual PageRank number indicated when you hover your mouse over the bar.

It however displays many other useful marketing research information which includes the following.

– Yahoo Page links
– Yahoo domain links
– Site Age
– Directory Information

  • DMOZ
  • Yahoo
  • BOTW

– Edu. Page Links
– Edu. Domain Links
– Gov. Domain Links

To get this toolbar and the SEO for Firefox extension explained below, you have to register FREE with following which you can now download these tools.

You can get more detailed information about this toolbar at

==> SEO Toolbar

SEO for Firefox

This Firefox extension puts competitive research data right on the search engine results(SERP’s) of Google and Yahoo, such that you are able to scientifically assess your competition in your market(niche).

It for example can let you assess how strong the inbound links of your competitors are.

More detail on this extension as well as the earlier explained SEO Toolbar can also be gotten at

==> SEO for Firefox

NoDoFollow :: Add-ons for Firefox

This is a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status. It is programmed by Zacharyfox.

It can be toggled on and off as you require, from the Tools menu of your Firefox browser.

This can be downloaded FREE at

==> NoDoFollow Add-on

Alexa Toolbar for Firefox

This is the most widely used traffic statistic indicator.

As i do not like a crowded browser, having installed the SEO Toolbar, i always prefer to instal the Alexa tool as a statusbar rather than as a toolbar. Alexa has both, featured on its website indicated below and i simply choose to download the status bar. The statusbar when installed, features at the right-bottom of your browser.

This like the other tools above is a FREE download

Alexa Toolbar/Statusbar

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