This must indeed be good times for international members of () as Gery Carson, the Chief Executive of (SFI)/TripleClicks made good his promise to introduce more flexible payment options for (SFI)/ products.

, a well rated international payment processor has just berthed at the shores of Strong Future International’s Triple Clicks Store.

To those who are not international members, the rationale for the jubilation over this may not be quite apparent. But to those of us who are international members and who had been severely constrained by the existing payment options, it surely calls for popping of champagne.


Please imagine the agony that might have inspired this post

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This action further confirms my belief that Strong Future International (SFI) is the best home based business opportunity for an international affiliate.

It in fact doubles as the most responsive and practical e-commerce site as far as i am concerned.

Before “putting pen to paper”, i immediately set to use the system to confirm that it is indeed functional and i thus can now authoritatively confirm to you that i used the system flawlessly to make payment for a transaction at the Strong Future International’s TripleClicks Store within minutes, as evidenced below.

Hitherto, payments by a large number of international affiliates could only be made through cumbersome processes like using CashU through PayByCash, Western Union, Cheque or Money Order, since there was no access to using . In a number of cases, Western Union could not even be used as it was restricted to only receiving funds in some countries.

Hitherto available to the international affiliate, is detailed in this post

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These processes were simultaneously carried out at higher costs to the international affiliates and a lot of business opportunities was lost both by Strong Future International (SFI) and the international affiliates, as only the very determined of the international affiliates proceeded this way.

I look forward to the day when other e-commerce sites such as Ebay, Clickbank, Amazon etc will follow suit and break the monopoly of Paypal, to the benefit of us all. This will even engender healthy rivalry between these international payment processors and the consumers of their services can only be the better for it.

Despite whatever may be the reasons for disallowing some countries from making payments via Paypal, i find it ridiculous that a water tight system of internal controls cannot be generated to combat whatever mischief might be attributed to such sources.

Rather, Paypal and these other e-commerce sites seem content with the world economy loosing considerably in terms of the value of transactions that could have been generated had most of those shut out from using the system been allowed.

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