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Having identified Home based business as the way to go in the current economic climate and also from projection into the future, and having identified the network marketing or multi-level marketing business model as the best capable to generate residual and leveraged income to anyone who wants to start an online business, it now becomes key to be acquainted with the qualities top home based businesses should possess for an affiliate marketer to benefit therefrom. Looked at in another way, it can be a review of Strong Future International (SFI), our featured top home based business.

Age or Longevity


Any such business that someone who wants to work from home is advised to be an affiliate of, must have been in profitable existence for a reasonable length of time, say 10 years. This connotes stability and reasonably assures the affiliate marketer of the security of any investment he may make in such online business.

Our featured top home based business, Strong Future
International (SFI), has been in existence successfully for the last 17 years and its parent company Carson Services Inc.has been in existence for the last 30 years. It has successfully paid out millions of dollars in commissions to its affiliates every single month since then, like clockwork.

Many similar network marketing companies have since fallen by the way side over the years, implying something must be working for SFI.

Evolution or Growth
Over the years, SFI has evolved from a one-product business wholly sold in US in 1998 to a truly international MLM business opportunity, currently with 96292 products from more than 160 countries around the world. The number of affiliates have grown to over one(1) million, providing the marketing muscle for TripleClicks, the marketing company of SFI products, which has over 2(two) million members. Every day, about 4000 affiliates and members are joining SFI and TripleClicks from more than 130 countries worldwide.

One new thing or the other is being added to the SFI/TripleClicks website every other day. Most top home based businesses realize the importance of the adage “Stagnate and Die” and so are always dynamic and ever evolving.

Popularity and Authority
The no. 1 world-acclaimed rating agency of popularity of any internet business website is Alexa and it currently rates SFI as the 2170 most visited website in the world while TripleClicks is rated 2347 most visited website in the world. Google’s stamp of authority is also on SFI as PageRank 3 while TripleClicks PageRank is 4. SFI’s parent company is a 10+ year Bronze Member of the southeast Nebraska Better Business Bureau

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A key success factor of SFI is it’s extremely competent management. SFI is owned and managed by Gery Carson who has had a long track record of success in the home business industry such that his entrepreneurial ability and efforts is well recognized. He had been a leading network marketer building massive downlines for top home based businesses in the early days of internet marketing in the 1990’s. Indeed Gery Carson is one of the most highly cerebral men i have come across. His extraordinary achievements as an entrepreneur have been spotlighted in “Money Maker’s Monthly,” “Upline,” “Opportunity World Magazine,” and in numerous books and videos. National recognition has also included being named to 1992’s Outstanding Young Men of America list and 1997’s Who’s Who in the Media and Communications.

Compensation Plan
Another key success factor of the SFI business is its well crafted compensation plan. It is about the most lucrative in the network marketing industry but simultaneously is extremely protective of the business in general, such that no earnings can be made by an affiliate nor the business owners without a product or service being sold. This is the no. 1 recipe for the stability and survival of SFI/TripleClicks through various trying times when many companies in the same niche fell by the way side. To some affiliates/visitors who lack foresight, they often fail to realize that if “easy does it” and commissions are paid but not generated, it will only be a matter of time before the company collapses. That has been the bane of many online businesses for whom “Nunc Dimittis – lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace” have been sung.

Availability Of REAL Products/Services
One key characteristic of most top home based businesses is that they have REAL products and/or services to offer their customers. Most other multi-level marketing opportunities are pyramid schemes offering nothing but merely “playing” with funds of their affiliates and just selling the income opportunity. Others solely sell e-books, software and other digital content. The life-span of these types of businesses is limited and though in some cases the affiliate may initially make some income, the actual investment the affiliate makes into the business is usually eventually lost.

Diversity of Products/Services
Another key quality of most top home based businesses which SFI possesses and which has considerably aided its continued existence, is the large number of varying products and services which SFI showcases. Apart from selling its own products, it markets products of its many associates via the ECA program where the Associates keep all the profit, save for a 15% commission to TripleClicks deducted only when any goods or services is sold.

An affiliate can have his own old or already used items marketed on the TripleClicks website, add his own new products for sale and even invite existing or new businesses to list their products on the TripleClicks marketplace while earning a life-long royalty on the referrals sales.

An affiliate can even sell or buy some products in his own country and earn commissions on it in SFI within a component part of the ECA program. In all this, the marketing muscle of over 1(one) million SFI Affiliates is available and deployed to market any such product.

SFI also recently added the multi-billion dollar online games niche to its portfolio of goods and services, ensuring a very well diversified and balanced portfolio which can absorb any shocks that may arise to any of its individual components.

Cost Of Joining & Subsequent Investment

SFI unlike most MLM, is actually FREE to join and can be FREE indefinitely. However, to speed up your rate of progress as an affiliate, it is advisable to provide for a modest investment of say $30 to $50 on a monthly basis. There is no compulsion to start investing this amount at any particular time nor even at all. It is a matter of the affiliate’s choice. This recommended amount (my recommendation) is indeed modest, giving the requirement of most similar online businesses and the large income potential, which can catapult into a six figure income, a previous name from which SFI was deduced. In confirmation, many top internet marketers such as Stone Evans of the Plug In Profit Site and Ewen Chia – the world-acclaimed no. 1 affiliate marketer have been long time members of this top home based business and in fact had their origins here. They still remain Senior Team Leaders till date.
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World-Class 24/7 Support & Training
One vital quality of top home based businesses is the
possession of the wherewithal to train and respond timely to the needs of its affiliates. SFI truly excels above all network marketing companies in this respect. Sophisticated but simplified tools are provided online for its affiliates to efficiently carry out their marketing activities. I can honestly and confidently vouch that no such tools exist in other similar companies. The SFI website is a goldmine of information only waiting to be tapped.  SFI affiliates earn (though minute) when they read various literature on the SFI website or even via emails sent to them, all in a bid to ensure they actually undergo the much needed training which will make them succeed. No doubt, SFI is the most detailed website of its kind in the world, providing every possible literature and tool human mind can possibly conjecture to aid its affiliates to succeed.

My advise to any new affiliate is to stay on for at least six(6) months, reading through the various literature, participating in all necessary activities such as SFI FORUM, ASK SC, START, SFI BASICS, LAUNCHPAD, DAILY WEEKLY AND MONTHLY LOG IN ACTIVITIES ON THE AFFILIATES’ MEMBER HOME PAGE TAB, and if after that time period you do not fall in love with SFI and at least see a silver linen in the horizon, you can then call it quits. As one of the affiliates who provided a testimonial said,

I have never seen such an awesome support system in place in any other multi-level marketing business, as in SFI – all geared to assist people on their road to success.
I was impressed at the start and still it amazes me. So i say to the skeptic, Go see, look, learn, before speaking. A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Most who fail in SFI do so because they get overwhelmed by the share volume of information available on the SFI website and do not immerse themselves into the program to understand it. They therefore fail without actually giving themselves a chance to succeed.

Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme
A key quality of virtually all successful top home based businesses is that they are not “Get Rich Quick Schemes”. SFI too naturally involves some work but when the subsequent reward begins to come in, it pales the work put into it to insignificance, given that it comes in torrents.  

Integrity Of Owners/Management
It is well known that the internet abounds with outright fraudsters at worst and dishonest merchants at the least, more so, in the network marketing industry. It is refreshing to note that Strong Future International (SFI) is completely different. The integrity that SFI brings to bear shows through and is a major quality that has earned it the respect and confidence of many affiliates. 

Provision To Generate Downline For Those Who Lack Time Or Experience
Most affiliates fail because of inability to be able to generate a downline. SFI has in place structures to assist any such affiliate to generate a downline through its S-Builder Coop, PSAs To Go, bidding on Pricebenders auctions and purchase of downline from other sources independent of SFI.

Upline Support & Other General Support
The structure of SFI is so well crafted, such that an affiliate succeeds as he gets his downline to also succeed, not nominally only, as in most MLM but in complete reality. In SFI therefore, you find many leaders truly willing to assist in moving you up the “membership ladder” since this also enhances their own progress. Where an affiliate’s direct sponsor is even not responsive to the new affiliate, a line of at least five other upline team members stand waiting to assist. A further backup, is the ever vibrant SFI forum which is a”goldmine” waiting to be tapped. Further more, there is “ASK SC” which is a medium through which affiliates can ask questions and receive answers from many other affiliates whose replies will then be rated. This is another valuable resource different from the SFI Forum. Despite various support channels being available however, your direct sponsor is key as he has the primary responsibility of guiding you to success and his nature, knowledge, experience and willingness to assist is key in actually determining whether or not you will succeed and how long it will take for success to come shining upon you.

What better way to end this article than to invite you to read WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT SFI and JOIN MY SFI TEAM HERE, assuring you of my beneficial support, given my many years of experience in SFI and on the internet marketing space, having been a member of SFI (currently Team Leader) since 2006 when i ventured online and having subsequently virtually traversed the entire length and breadth of the internet.

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