With the recent introduction of a new Versapoints expiration policy, has more or less indicated that “old is no more golden” with it.

sfi versapoints expiration policy

New VersaPoints Expiration Policy

Monday, April 8, 2013, 11:01 AM Affiliate Center, VersaPoints
UPDATED 4/8/13 at 2:28 PM CT

Effective Monday, April 15, 2013, we will begin expiring all VersaPoints earned more than 180 days ago from the current date, excluding one-time action points.

Why expire points? There are two main reasons:

1. Storing data on tens of millions of points long after they’ve been earned takes up a large amount of valuable space in the database. This slows down the entire system, making it slower to use the Genealogy, slows the display of many Affiliate Center pages, etc.

2. Expiring these old VersaPoints and purging them from the system, makes it so that ALL affiliates have a fair and equal opportunity to reach the top levels of the Power Rankings.


Getting rid of VersaPoints sounds bad. Will it affect my commissions?
A: Not at all. The only points that affect your commissions are those earned in the current month.

So why keep VersaPoints past the current month at all if it doesn’t affect commissions?
A: Your total cumulative VersaPoints total is how your POWER RANK (for your class, country, and overall) is determined. We love the Power Rankings and so do thousands of our affiliates; we of course wouldn’t want to get rid of this. Learn more about our Power Rank program here: https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=33898

What about points I’ve earned for the LaunchPad quizzes, whitelisting, etc.?
A: The new policy does not affect any actions with points you can only earn ONCE. You’ll keep those point indefinitely. The policy only affects actions where the points you can earn are unlimited, such as sales VP and being a Top Enroller and for reassigning PSAs.

I’ve been with SFI for years and I have tens of thousands of points I earned more than 180 days ago. How can it be fair to take these way?
A: If you are allowed to keep all your points forever, a new affiliate will probably never be able to catch you in the Power Rankings. If you were a new affiliate, wouldn’t you like to know that if you worked hard, within six months, you could be at the top of the Power Rankings? And might it not depress you and perhaps even cause you to be less active if you knew you had no chance at the top ranks? Having your new affiliates feel like this is bad for them and bad for you. By expiring all points in 180 days, we level the playing field so that ALL affiliates can compete equally for the top Power Rankings. Fair for ALL.

OK, sounds good, but could we get more details on the VersaPoints that we earn then?
Yes. In fact, this is actually another reason why we want to expire old points. By doing so, it allows us to provide you with highly detailed information on every point you earn. Instead of just knowing the total number of points for the various actions, we can now augment the VP Ledger with the “who, what, where, and when” for every point you earn. You’ll have the history of every point you earn at your fingertips!

How does this policy affect E365 participants?
A: Other than one-time action points, when you get to your 365th day in SFI, you’ll only be sporting points you’ve scored in the previous 180 days. But everyone’s playing by these same rules of course and it might actually be better for you. Why? Because those who were not serious about being named an E365 champion are now a non-factor, they will have faded away.

Hitherto, a new SFI affiliate has to put in extra effort to catch up with an old SFI member in “Power Ranks”, in view of the old member’s accumulated versapoints. Actually, you see a number of old members some of whom are even no longer in SFI retain their top positions in Power Ranks. The new SFI policy will purge this. as SFI is henceforth throwing accumulated versapoints in excess of 180 days(on a revolving basis) into the waste bin.

This has three sides to the coin.

1. New members are receiving a great morale booster since their “current actions” now have a lot of weight.

2. Old members will be discouraged since it looks like a case of “use and dump”. While the old members carried out these actions, it benefited SFI and SFI is retaining the gains of such actions while some of the benefits that accrued to old members e.g. in Power Ranks, is now being removed.

3. SFI is the ultimate beneficiary as it derives most benefit from current actions and so is pitching it’s tent with the “highest bidder” so to say.

What a nice way to camouflage the protection of SFI interest. 🙂