You quite often need to shorten, share and track your links.

  • Reasons To Shorten Url’s
  1. When you social book mark for example on twitter, you need short url’s for it to be contained within the character space allocated by Twitter. You will then have some space left to contain a short description which is quite important to let your readers know what your link is about.
  2. Also, as an affiliate to many affiliate programs, it is sometimes expedient to conceal affiliate links as some prospects get turned off when they notice, they are being sold an affiliate offer.
  3. It often happens that affiliate commissions are stolen through the ability to know affiliate IDs. as revealed through affiliate links.
  4. Sometimes, even without space restrictions, unduly long affiliate links just don’t look appealing and you wish to conceal these long links and instead replace them with short appealing url’s.
  5. Sometimes, when links become too long, they often get broken.

For the above reasons and many more, you often have to use url shorteners.

  • Top references for url shorteners


    doiop URL Shortener)






With news flying all around cyberspace as to the current blacklisting of and shut down of Cligs(In 2009) etc, it becomes expedient to carefully select the url shortening service you use.

Note that once you have used the shortened url in an advert for example, you may not be able to change it subsequently or in some cases where you can change, without adequate record keeping, you may not be able to recollect exactly what url you used for the particular advert.

  • Tracking Of Traffic Statistics

    This is an additional useful feature combined by many of these url shortening services. You are able to track the traffic that visited the web pages that the generated short links redirect to.

    This is particularly useful for many advertising campaigns as it enables the marketer to gauge the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. Without such a tracking, a misallocation of resources will result, in that resources can be diverted into unproductive marketing campaigns.

Now that you know the availability of these services, especially google url shortener, do not carry out another marketing campaign without tracking your links. I say especially google url shortener because i guess this should be a very stable service unlike some of its predecessors, given Google’s antecedents.

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