We all know that placing on each blog post serves to drive social media traffic to our website and when the blog post is well written, the traffic garnered through this means can be substantial, since such share buttons can be clicked again and again by interested readers, leading to a viral website traffic.

However, this benefit does not arise in isolation. It comes along with some cost and/or disadvantages.

  • It slows the loading speed of a website
  • Too many social media buttons on a post may actually turn-off visitors who may not even click any one of the buttons

The above amongst other reasons necessitate that every webmaster must identify an optimum number of social media buttons for each post on his website/blog and specifically install some particular social media sites buttons.

The particular social media sites buttons each webmaster decides to install may be influenced by factors such as the social media site’s popularity and widespread usage. For example, one will expect that most webmasters will at the least install “” and “” buttons.

Some others may decide to install a single share button of social bookmarking and sharing services such as Onlywire, AddThis etc through which their visitors can now share their content to the various social media sites.

I get the impression that such social bookmarking and sharing services buttons is usually not as effective in being clicked as the single sharing buttons of the individual social media sites when placed on a blog post.

Having come to the above conclusion, and having identified “facebook like” and “twitter re-tweet” buttons as basic minimum, what number of individual social media sites buttons would you consider as ideal for each blog post?

In my opinion, about 3 and certainly not more than 4 social media sites buttons will be optimum and anything more will start generating diminishing returns, as economists will put it.

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