Just a few days ago, i received an email from – social media site, indicating it was now going paid. Of course, excuses must be given to back up any such intention and it gave the following excuses in the reproduced email below :

During the past couple of weeks we have made some changes at Mister Wong: our free directory is back and there are also newly designed user pages.

This – and our current page rank of 8 – makes Mister Wong popular with its users; but unfortunately also with lots of gatecrashers … Automatic bots have registered a couple of thousand spam accounts in the past weeks alone, which led to a very high operating expense for our quality control team and our data base handling.

Therefore from today on, mister-wong.com will only be free of charge to private users with “trusted” status. The “trusted” status will only be given to users who are not using their account for commercial purposes.

We are inviting all other users to switch to a Pro account – an upgrade gives you many benefits, e.g. your user page is visible to all visitors and will be found and indexed by search engines. Above that we offer the option to have your bookmarks entered in our directory. For this we chose a low pricing which starts at just 2 USD. Upgrade your account now:

If you use Mister Wong for private matters only, you can apply for Trusted User status. We will audit all applications thoroughly; misuse will lead to suspension of the respective account.
I am no webmaster, no ad or affiliate or seo addict and want to be Trusted User, click here:

If you do not want to use Mister Wong any longer, you can export your bookmarks here:

Please act within the next 7 days as we will ultimately refresh our data base after that – meaning all accounts that have not been authorized and upgraded to Pro or Trusted User status will be deleted!

In connection with this the “Twitter import”-function can no longer be supported.

Thank you very much for your understanding & we hope to see you around!

Your Mister Wong team

Mister Wong's New Plans Price Details

Bookmarks you can save per day1050100unlimited
Bookmarks you can save in total10250100010000
Price per month$2/Month$8/Month$12/Month$24/Month
Price per 6 months$10/6 Months$24/6 Months$36/6 Months$72/6 Months

As we all know, social media marketing is one of the several good internet marketing techniques that generates huge targeted traffic to websites and which has largely been available since inception, FREE OF CHARGE (FOC).

Is this an emerging trend? Will more begin to follow suit? Will more begin to pool the rug from under our feet?

Imagine a paid Facebook and Twitter. What would be your reaction?

These are all questions begging for answers.

Do you think it was wrong of Mister Wong – social media site to have gone paid? Do you think that even if going paid, Mister Wong should at least not have made the effect retroactive?i.e. should at least have left old bookmarks in place while now starting to charge for new bookmarks?

It will be interesting to know what your thoughts are on these.

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