With the emergence of social networking groups and the relative successes they have achieved, there is no doubt that a lot of advantages stand to be gained by the webmaster by maintaining web pages with these social networking groups.

In fact, most newbie webmasters whose websites are still in their infancy may gain more exposure through these sites than they would ordinarily gain on their own websites.

Note that the Google ranking of some of these sites is quite high and the newbie webmasters may enhance their own ranking by maintaining web pages on these high ranking websites and then linking back to their own web pages or sites.

But that is about where these benefits end.

It should not be taken overboard as some webmasters now tend to do by having the belief that their pages maintained at these social networking groups can be a perfect substitute for their personal or business websites.

The question that will immediately arise is, are you building someone else’s business for them?

From a business man’s point of view, I would think most actions on another’s website should be “a means to an end” and not an end in itself.

While the web pages maintained on Facebook for example may offer exposure, the ultimate benefit to most webmasters therefrom is to attract customers to their own website which is structured as they would wish and where they can now maximize sales.

A long term view should be taken. What happens if the policies of Facebook changes and precludes the webmaster who has invested so much resources therein at the detriment of his own personal or website?

At best therefore, the activities of a webmaster on these social networking groups should be looked at as complimentary and not an effective substitute to the webmasters’ website.

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