Quite often, people use the terms and interchangeably. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two.

What is a ?

A splash page is a very brief/summarised introduction to a main offer whose objective is to quickly capture the attention of visitors to a site within the shortest possible time, usually seconds.

It serves to wet the visitors appetite for the main offer and usually includes a link that can then be clicked to the main offer page which is much more detailed and is usually meant for the “captured” visitor who has shown interest in the basic information and is thus ready to spend more time reading the main offer.

If properly prepared, a splash page should contain at least four main elements

  1. It’s content/graphics must be able to capture the attention of a visitor within 5-10 seconds and pass the desired message across within that time span.
  2. It must brand the owner in the minds of the site visitors say by the inclusion of the owner’s photograph, company logo or other means.
  3. It must be fast loading so that it gives enough time for the desired message to be passed across.
  4. It must contain a clear call to action.

What is a ?

Essentially, the fundamental difference between a splash page and a squeeze page is that a squeeze page , while containing all the eesential elements of a splash page, goes further to contain an opt-in subscriber form which enables the owner to capture email addresses of interested visitors

For more details on splash and squeeze pages, you can visit here

==> Splash Page Maker

A word of caution however, i do not subscribe to the idea of hosting your splash or squeeze pages on other websites.

I would rather you have these pages hosted on your domain/hosting so that you gain the visitors direct to your website for the following reasons

  1. To improve your Alexa Rating with the attendant visitors which can be huge especially when used on traffic exchanges.
  2. To gain the benefit of backlinks you build to that webpage. If otherwise done, you will be building another man’s business for him while leaving the growth potential of your own website retarded.
  3. To ensure you have control over the particular webpage such that visitors and backlinks you build to the webpage over time can be retained by you in any circumstance unlike where hosted with third parties where the visitors and backlinks can be lost forever or directed eslewhere by the third party in various circumstances.

    Remember that you may not have the chance to visit various other websites where you have built up backlinks from to the splash or squeeze page to make alterations.

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