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Nice to hear from you.

Let me from the outset state that in your quest to , there is no alternative to a thorough grounding in internet marketing for resounding/consistent success online . Any perceived initial success otherwise, will only be temporary.

From my experience, this grounding can only be gotten through “training” and the best source for this again from my experience is Stone Evans’ Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) which if you choose, you can join here.

Online Marketing Training

Get me right, there are alternatives to “training” but the question is whether its “cost” in terms of frustration, inadequate information, wasted resources (including $, time etc) is worth it, As it is often said, “why try to re-invent the wheel”

If you visit my website at

Top Affiliate Programs

you will see that i clearly state this point in the first few paragraphs of the front/main page.

I have been online since 2006 and during that time have been in and out of twice during which time i also tried some other training programs and traversed the internet extensively. I am thus in a position to come to the conclusion that Stone Evans’ Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) is the best.

Is Stone Evans Plug-In Profit Site () a scam?.
Stone Evans’ Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) like most other on the internet may have been hyped in terms of the speed of getting results but it certainly is legit and not a scam.

It will also only provide the online marketing training and guidance but you must go from there. It certainly will not make money for you directly but you will rather apply the knowledge gained and the resources made available to you therefrom to make money.

If you are not averse to the truth being told, from my experience, it will take a very good/able new entrant with ample time at his disposal a minimum of six months to see results but averagely one year. Someone without adequate time at his disposal may even need about two to three years to see desired results.

This is not to say you will not earn along the line, but i am referring to the earnings being significant, consistent and residual.

To me, studying internet marketing is like taking a course of study in the university.

Have i started making money on the internet?
Yes i have, though not yet in the volume i aspire to but i know that is only a matter of time with the knowledge and experience i have already gained.

What level am i in various top affiliate programs?
That is not important for now as consistent progress is what you should aspire to. You can get to any level in a today if you choose to “buy” it by paying for it but you have to keep paying and wasting $ to maintain this position in the absence of thorough training which will make you generate the required signups and sales with minimal cost and on a consistent basis such that you remain consistently on and even progress from a particular level.

Have i had to invest $ in my various top affiliate programs?
It is a trade-off between time and money. Money will fast track but not assure your success while time will compensate quite often but not always, for a lack of funds.
The good thing however is that with good online marketing training and guidance, you do not have to spend significantly to succeed online.

How can someone assist you to make progress?
I tell you, there is a lot to learn first and as i said the best place is

Online Marketing Training

Questions will now result that you can seek answers to from superiors,
You will even discover that most of the questions you may be asking now(before training) due to ignorance, will be answered in the course of online marketing training, thereby sieving out and leaving only the very “necessary” ones which can then be addressed. There is also a very good platform provided for “questions and answers” on the Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS)

Any other approach is like putting the cart before the horse and will amount to a waste of the valuable time of the superior/sponsor.

In summary, the way to start a home based business online is to first undergo adequate online marketing training which will then guide you through all other processes necessary for a successful “outing” online.

Specifically on (), with the new system, you can make rapid progress to Executive Affiliate level if you complete certain simple tasks within 15 days of your joining. You do not have to spend a cent.

Just join this top affiliate program (SFI) and log in to your SFI website for the details.

To maintain this level however after the next month, will require you falling back on the explanations i have made above especially under (what level am i in various top affiliate programs?)

I hope i have tried to clear all possible grey areas and look forward to hearing from you.


Top Affiliate Programs

The key to internet marketing success is undergoing this free ONLINE MARKETING TRAINING and applying it to promote these Top Affiliate Programs

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