A prospect asked me the following questions regarding with the and i might as well feature my answers to him on this blog with a view to indirectly clearing these “grey” areas for others who may also require a clarification on same.

Q1 The first time i joined the program and i wanted to update my visa card details on the program, my card was rejected and thereby no way for me to make payments after i have reached the level of executive affiliate. How do i make payments from here when i eventually join PIPS?

A1 PIPS is a FREE program and you do not have to make any payment
whatsoever for PIPS at any time.
Rather it is for whichever of the individual programs promoted by PIPS
that you choose to get involved in that you have to make payment for.

For example SFI –
Previously, SFI accepted payments by visa/master cards but stopped
this recently in view of fraud. In your particular case, you can make
payment specifically for SFI by “western union money transfer”. I know
this is an acceptable option to SFI even though i have never used this
option since i have some existing $ in my account with SFI from which
i give instructions for deduction.

Most of the other programs promoted through PIPS accept visa/master card.

I however emphasise that you are under no obligation to join any
program until you are ready to and at your pace as you begin to make

This is where a lot of people go wrong by spending unecessarily when
they have not yet received adequate training to make meaningful use of
the program opportunities they join through PIPS.

Of course such and more advise will be given by your upline through
whose link you join PIPS e.g. if you join through my link below

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Q2 Please tell me the total amount i am to pay if i eventually join this program

A2 If you join PIPS, as i said in (A1) above, you do not have to make
any payment for PIPS directly.
All you are compulsorily required to pay for monthly is an hosting
account to host your domain which costs $4.95 monthly. Any other
payment will come as and when you choose and sensibly, when you have
acquired some knowledge reasonably sufficient to make meaningful use
of the programs.

Some programs like SFI can however be run for as long
as you choose even on a free basis if you have some internet marketing

Q3 Then also how much do i need to be paying regularly every month?

A3. No. (2) above has answered this question.

Q4 Assuming i joined the program and i begin to earn some money through it, how do i get my money here?

A4 You get your commissions direct from the individual programs
promoted through PIPS and this is usually by dollar cheques or for
example in the case of SFI you can opt for the company’s cash card and
have your commissions deposited there and can withdraw from an ATM in your country.

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