I list hereunder in order of necessity/importance, 3 essential tools required on .

Blog: This seems to be the most necessary as you can initially successfully run your on your blog.

A blog is essential amongst other things, to complement your efforts in article marketing and can quite successfully carry out most of the functions a website would ordinarily carry out.

I would anyday recommend the wordpress blog over the blogger blog for various reasons amongst which are its SEO friendliness, flexibility via varied pluggins etc

A website: This adds more professionalism to your home based web business as it elevates the status of the business in the eyes of prospects and visitors.


These days, the static frontpage website is being jettisoned for the wordpress powered website/home page, though a sizeable number still use the static frontage.

The : This tireless “salesman” is quite important as the home based web business entrepreneur settles down with his home based web business.

The saying is rife that an average buyer needs to hear of a homebased business opportunity for between 5 – 7 times before he is finally swayed to take action in favor of any income opportunity. The autoresponder thus readily lends itself for use for this purpose.

The other option which is not desirable is for the initial visitors of the site to be lost since they may never revisit the site again to take necessary “buying” action without further follow up.

The autoresponder also lends itself for use in the home based web business entrepreneur’s list building efforts as a lead capture page can be created to funnel subscribers into the autoresponder.

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