7 Ways To Rapidly Build Your Downline In An MLM Without Resorting To Friends & Relations

In the old days of MLM recruiting, you were instructed to put together a list of all your friends and relatives and start calling them about joining your business. Thankfully today, that is not the case, which is one reason more people are becoming successful with network marketing companies.
So, what are good ways to rapidly build your MLM downline without the hassle of contacting relatives and friends? How about using a combination of Internet marketing, offline marketing, and attraction marketing?

Here are 7 proven ways to do just that!

1. Start a blog

This is a great way to brand yourself as an expert on making money with network marketing. You can use your blog to offer tips on using the Internet to earn money. Include a link to your network marketing company (affiliate website), so people can go and learn more about how to get started in business with you.

2. Build an email list

This can be done both on your blog by inserting web forms, as well as by promoting landing pages. Encourage people to join your email list where you offer useful information on making money in multi-level marketing. This allows you to drip information until they are ready to contact you and learn more. This method of sorting through prospects is much better than cold calling. When they are interested, they can email or call you.

3. Buy pay per click ads

With PPC ads, you control your budget. Proven media to promote with pay per click are Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Marketing, and Facebook ads. The key is to use your ppc advertising to build a list. This way, you will have your prospects contact information long after your paid ads have stopped.

4. You Tube videos

These work well in conjunction with your blog. Publish videos on video hosting and sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo etc, that teach people how to make money on the Internet with their own multi-level marketing (affiliate) business. Take the embed code of the video and publish it on your blog as well. Google owns You Tube and loves it when you do this which can lead to organic traffic both from You Tube and Google.

5. Facebook

This is the third most visited website online today and it is the largest social network with over 1 billion members. Set up a business page to go along with your social personal home page. Update it with information that is designed to arouse curiosity and get your visitors to click on the link in your post. The link should go to your blog or your landing page url.

6. Discussion forums

Go to the Warrior Forum and/or other similar highly rated forums in your niche, and set up a profile and signature file, inserting your promoted links. Start participating in the discussions and you will enhance your credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about. People will naturally visit your blog and landing pages which will aid you in recruiting them into your network marketing business.

7. Business cards

Hand out business cards everywhere you go. Keep them simple and include a link back to your blog or landing page with the goal of increasing the number of subscribers to your email list. You can then follow up with these prospects in an effort to enroll them into your downline.

These are 7 ways to rapidly use offline and internet marketing to build your MLM downline through attraction marketing. You can do this without contacting your friends and relatives. These are all a better long term approach to multi-level marketing sponsoring because you will never run out of prospects.

All said and done, an MLM business that will not hinge your success on having to invite friends and relations must have outstanding product/s in an essential niche, since this will naturally propel its own sale. What better recommendation for Nigerians than TREVO health drink which is in the highly essential nutritional supplements niche.

Another factor that must go along with a network marketing company to ensure affiliates don't go literally "cap in hand" begging their relations and friends to sign up, is a sound internet marketing system such as exists with TREVO Nigeria distributors.