Bulk Buyers - How It Works

Bulk Buyers are not part of this site's Affiliate Program and so cannot have a sponsor.

Any Affiliate who simultaneously wishes to be a Bulk Buyer, must register through the web form on https://www.rechargecardsonline.com/bulk-buyer-airtime-price-list

A bulk buyer who wants to be an affiliate should register to be an affiliate through any sponsor or the company as his sponsor @ https://www.homebiz-supermarket.com/programs/corporate/signup


Purchase of Recharge Cards/ePins

Currently, there are two procedures through which a bulk buyer can make purchases of bulk epins

Procedure 1 - To simplify the purchase procedure especially for new bulk buyers, bulk buyers can simply chat with admin on our chat feature if the admin is online, to agree purchase quantities, values and payment mode.

If the admin is not online, bulk buyers can leave a message on our chat feature, indicating their desired purchase quantities of each denomination and the Naira values. Admin will crosscheck the computation and get back by email to the bulk buyer, indicating the specific bank of ours that the bulk buyer should make payment into

Procedure 2 - The second proccedure for bulk buying of our epins can be utilized by buyers who have been purchasing with us for a while and have a better grasp of how our system works. With this procedure, the Bulk Buyer initiates purchases of Nigerian Recharge Cards(ePins) by indicating his intention to bulk purchase ePins, via a Support Ticket.
He will then be emailed a link to a google spreadsheet containing a list of Recharge Cards products, which he should edit, inserting his desired purchase quantities, in the format shown below.
The product values and total values will automatically be updated.

The Bulk Buyer pays for purchases/sales of Nigerian Recharge Cards, utilizing :
Offline Payment as detailed in
==> Offline Payment Instructions
and subsequently notifies us of his payment through either of the following forms as applicable.
==> Internet Banking Deposit Form
==> Cash Deposit Form
On payment and receipt of the forms indicated above, the order will be executed usually within 24 hours but may be longer depending on volume of transactions pending

Recharge Card PINs
He will receive his recharge card PIN nos. in his member account, specifically in the "PIN Nos. List" which has an icon labelled "PIN Nos." on the members/customers dashboard.

Deposit On Account
If he chooses to, he can make deposits on his account which he can subsequently utilize to effect purchase/sale of ePins. He simply indicates that he has deposit on account, in a support ticket. Once we confirm that he has enough funds to cover the order, it will be automatically executed.