Funds Transfer, Electricity & Digital Television Payments

These services fall under our site's affiliate program and so our affiliates earn commissions on their downline or sponsored affiliates, who effect these transactions.

Currently, we charge =N=100 service fee to effect these transactions for those who pay CASH into any of our bank accounts or make CASH or TRANSFER into our Paycom/Opay account, while we charge =N=150 to those who make TRANSFERS into our bank accounts, to offset the =N=50 stamp-duty fee we will be charged by our banks following the recent Central Bank stipulation.
Note that while you can make transfers to our PAYCOM(OPAY) account, you can also make cash deposits/payments to our PAYCOM(OPAY) account at any PAYCOM(OPAY) agent's shop {bearing the PAYCOM(OPAY) logo}, nearest to you.

Our Bank accounts details are as stated @ Our Bank Details

Our affiliates earn a commission of =N=40 per transaction.

Customers/Visitors/Non-Affiliates can also effect these transactions.

While these services are not effected instantaneously, they come in within a few minutes.

You MUST NOT effect these transactions using our online payment system (interswitch) as the charges that will result will simply be "way out" and we will not effect your transaction.


You need to first make payment for the transaction you intend to carry out through any of our available payment channels which are :

- Cash to our Bank accounts
- Mobile Banking
- Internet Banking
- USSD Transfer
- Online Payment (Interswitch) - NOT ALLOWED FOR THIS PURPOSE

After effecting payment, you then proceed to the relevant form to enter your details and "submit", following which the transaction will be effected within a few minutes.
The relevant forms will be any of the following:
==> Electricity Payment Request Form
==> Digital TV Payment Request Form
==> Funds Transfer Request Form
Those who will be effecting regular or large transactions can pay in advance or deposit an amount from which they can then effect these transactions.