HOW IT WORKS - Members (Nigerian Recharge Cards)

Recharge Cards Online (Affiliate Program featuring Nigerian Recharge Cards) is a NAIRA Business Opportunity, through which you can buy Nigerian recharge cards and earn income from the purchases of your referrals.

To earn commissions on your referrals or/and customers' purchases in any month, you must be a registered member who must have signed up to that effect and been activated.

You earn 1% commission, on the purchases of your first level referrals.

The key to success and indeed mouth-watering income from most online business opportunities is to refer others.
Each affiliate member is provided with two(2) referral links to which you can direct your prospects. These are :

General Referral Link
Signup Referral Link

Each member will find his links that are specifically tied to his affiliate username/records, at the bottom, left hand side of his member dashboard page on the membership site ==> Homebiz Supermarket Programs
. You can choose to direct your prospects to whichever of the links you find most effective in your recruiting efforts. Any prospect who signs up through any of your referral pages is recorded for your account.

Purchase of Recharge Cards

You effect purchases/sales of Nigerian Recharge Cards (EPINs & Top-Up) by processing an order through your member's store i.e. passing through the checkout process, indicating any necessary special instructions in the "special instructions" slot on the order.

You pay for purchases of Nigerian Recharge Cards (EPINs & Top-Up), utilizing either
1. Online Payment as detailed in ==> Interswitch Powered WebPAY
2. Offline Payment as detailed in ==> Offline Payment Instructions

Complete payment instructions is available in ==> Payment Instructions.

You will subsequently automatically receive your recharge card PIN no. (EPINs) in your account, specifically in the "PIN Nos. List" which has an icon labelled "PIN Nos." on the members/customers dashboard. For Airtime Top-Up, you will receive the airtime on the Phone no. specified in the "Special Instructions" slot , within a few minutes.

Deposit On Account - You can utilize the deposit you have on account(separate from commissions due to you) to effect purchase of recharge cards (EPINs & Top-Up). You simply indicate this in the "special instructions" slot of an order as you pass through your store checkout process. Once we confirm that you have enough funds to cover the order, it will be automatically executed.

Deposit On Account
In view of the relative high cost of effecting purchases for small values/volume of recharge cards, there is an option to deposit on your account, which can then be utilized to gradually effect purchases.

Receipt Of Commissions

Commissions is calculated and credited to individual member accounts as earned, but paid with effect from the 10th of the month following the month the payment threshold of =N=2000 is attained.

Minimum commission amount payable is =N=2000.00 (Two thousand naira) and any commission earned but less than this, is accumulated until it reaches this threshold. It can however alternatively be utilized to purchase any value of recharge cards at any time.

Commissions is paid through the Nigerian banking system. :

Bank Transfer - You must have opted to collect your commissions by "Bank Transfer" in the member account details form and you must also insert the Bank and Branch of the Bank you have an account with, your account number with that Bank, that you want credited with your commissions and the Sort Code for the Bank Branch.

Once commissions fall due for payment from the 10th of the next month to that to which the commission relates, and your commissions due is =N=2000.00 and above, your commission will be forwarded to the account number you specified in your member account details form and you will be notified of same.