Many people are skeptical of the efficiency and need to take nutritional supplements. This is probably because the best known health supplements (weight loss supplements) have grown infamous for not working at all. Nutritional supplements are a completely different story. At this time and age, each and every one of us needs to take nutritional supplements regularly. Here are six reasons why this is necessary.

1. Our soils are depleted of nutrients

Most foods that we consume are grown on the same land they were grown on, over 100 years ago. Being more interested in the commercial value over the nutritional value of their produce, many farmers and investors prefer to use all their land year in year out. It is therefore inevitable for the soils to end up lacking in most of the basic natural nutrients. Most minerals will either be completely absent or present in very low proportions.

2. Long distance transportation & storage of produce

The distance between the market and farm is usually very long. You will also take time to get to the market and do your shopping, after which you may need to store your vegetables and fruits for future use. All these elongate the time between production of produce and usage. According to scientific research, essential vitamins and minerals begin getting depleted immediately after harvest. If you take into account all those procedures, you will finally consume your vegetables and fruits many weeks after they were harvested. The nutrient content will obviously have diminished a great deal.

3. Stress and Insomnia

It is an acknowledged fact that more than 30% of the adult population suffers from chronic stress. Having stress gives you two very good reasons to take supplements. First, stress depletes the body of certain mineral nutrients such as zinc. It also has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system, leading to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. You therefore will need higher nutrient supply than usual. Secondly, certain nutritional supplements reduce anxiety levels by lowering stress hormones.

4. Cooking food

Most people have heard this from one source or another. Most foods were meant to be eaten raw; especially vegetables. When we cook these foods, vitamins and minerals are depleted. Even worse is the fact that most of us over-cook food, leaving very little or no nutrients for our bodies.

5.Environmental toxins

Our bodies use nutrients to get rid of toxins. In our modernized world, we come into contact with toxins in very many ways. Farm chemicals will leave a whole lot of toxic chemical residue in the crops. Industrial solvents, petroleum products, vehicle exhaust, generator exhaust etc are just some of the environmental pollutants our bodies have to deal with every day. The human body will definitely need a greater supply of nutrients to deal with these toxins and remain healthy.

6. Weight loss programs

Anyone involved in weight loss programs is definitely using a lot of their nutrients in workouts and recovery. Lots of exercise will also lead your body to use protein reserves for energy production. Obesity is a condition affecting about 50% of the population. Obesity can be caused by over intoxication of the body. Toxins cause the body’s metabolism to drop drastically and therefore, the ability to burn calories is lowered. Supplements are therefore necessary to combat toxins and also to replace nutrients lost during workouts.