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A number of have asked me couple of times how they can make payment for purchases from ()’s store, given that credit cards from Nigeria is not acceptable to SFI.

A couple of methods are available for this purpose which will be indicated to you on Tripleclicks website, at the point of “checkout”, after selecting your desired items. Amongst them, over time, the ones i have found most suitable are stated below in order of preference.



This is one of the most reputable international payment processors online, with popularity only closely following Paypal and in fact now hotly contesting with Paypal as more and more marketers now move over to AlertPay or use it in conjunction with Paypal for many reasons as identified in these blog posts:

==> AlertPay Account Types

==> AlertPay Account : It’s Benefits Over Individual Credit/Debit Cards

==> Paypal : Finally Being Humbled?

You will note from AlertPay Account : It’s Benefits Over Individual Credit/Debit Cards that some main advantages of AlertPay over other individual credit/debit cards include its cheap cost and relatively wider use which implies you can utilize it for many affiliate programs or business opportunities at the same time.

Sadly, as of 20th May 2012, AlertPay has de-listed SFI and so AlertPay is no longer available as a payment alternative at SFI. SFI has sent in a petition to AlertPay, signed by numerous of its affiliates and i will keep you posted of its outcome

SFI Cash Card

This is another payment method and it is widely used within SFI.

It actually involves obtaining a Payoneer Master Card which can be used anywhere master card is acceptable online and at ATM’s carrying the mastercard logo.

You can get more details on SFI cash card here :

==> SFI Cash Card

You can also get information on the payment schedule for the Payoneer master card here :

==> SFI Cash Card Fees

A disadvantage of this payment method is mainly its relatively high maintenance cost i.e. maintenance fee of $3 per month for as long as you do not have a zero account balance.

Another snag is the time involved to process the card, given that the card cannot be utilized until delivered to the affiliate’s mailing address and the PIN changed by the affiliate.

A newcomer has to send in an application through a registered Payoneer partner (in this case SFI). SFI will put out a link on the affiliates SFI page once he has an accumulation of earnings up to $20. The affiliate then proceeds through the link to Payoneer’s website to complete all necessary registration processes.

It takes between two to four weeks for approval by Payoneer and to get the card sent to the affiliate’s indicated address can take 30 working days (almost 2 months). To fast track delivery , one can opt for delivery by courier(DHL) but will be billed $60. Delivery will thereby be effected within a week.

You can get detailed information on this payment method at the Payoneer website

==> Global Payments, Payroll Services & Money Transfer : Payoneer

Zenith Bank’s Websurfer Card

This is a recent introduction given the bottleneck that resulted from the removal of SFI from the AlertPay/Payza network.

As you may know, the Zenith Bank websurfer card is a MasterCard whose use is restricted solely to the internet and funds lodged can only be utilized for internet purchases purposes and not subsequently withdrawn by cash.

I have actually tested this and can confirm it can be utilized and also guess other master and visa cards may now be also equally acceptable but cannot confirm these others for a fact, having not actually tried to utilize them.


I originally used this method to effect payment before AlertPay was approved as a payment processor for SFI. I also still occasionally use it to effect payment in emergencies like when AlertPay temporarily suspended payments by visa and master card credit/debit cards.

The disadvantage, is also its relatively high cost but payments get to be reflected in Tripleclicks almost instantaneously.

I buy the needed CashU to effect payment, through

==> EpayNigeria

which i have found quite reliable over time.

On purchase of the CashU, i then load it into my CashU account and proceed to SFI/Tripleclicks to make purchases and opt for the PayByCash and then CashU option, which will take you to the CashU website where you can now enter your details to effect payment.

You need to have pre-registered/signed up with CashU on its website here

==> CashU – Online Payment Method

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