It is often said that is a FREE internet marketing strategy but in my post Free Website Promotion Methods : Is Article Marketing Really One? i tried to point it out that that is not really so. That is not to detract from its usefulness and effectiveness.

For sometime (about 8 months) , i have been using a popular . Based on the claims the made in its advertisement i.e. “Submit Your Articles to 1000s of Publishers and Websites” one would have expected much more than one is really getting.

To be honest, i see nothing to indicate to me that our articles are really being submitted to 1000’s of . Unfortunately, the company has “cleverly?” not made the complete list of it submits to, available to its customers, giving many excuses as to why this is not done.

As you may well know, existing customers pay $48 monthly (now hiked to about $68? monthly for new entrants on conversion of current members to Gold membership) as long as they continue to retain their membership. For article submission software, though a one-off payment, you have to cough out 100’s of dollars for a good one, even though from reviews, i continue to read that none is currently of that high standard as one really expects.

I tell you, not yet taking the imputed cost of writing articles by oneself into consideration, it can be seen that article marketing is becoming an expensive strategy (far from being FREE) and more than ever before is perharps necessitating the manual utilization of a good list of top article directories so that the internet marketer can submit his articles and still get the benefit of backlinks and traffic which results from article marketing.

On my own part, i have decided to monitor the results i am getting from this service very closely over the next few months to convince myself that i am really getting value for my money otherwise i may have no choice than to pull out my membership from submityourarticle.

Were the assertions of submityourarticle verifiable, since from the data available to me i see no confirmation of same, i would have loved to continue. But as it is currently, i believe manually submitting articles to these top article directories may achieve the same result while one diverts one’s scarce resources (funds) to a more productive alternative use.

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