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Best Article Directories Lists : So Often Very Misleading And Of Low Standard

So very often, we come across lists of best article directories and assume all is well with these lists and simply go ahead to use them in our article marketing campaigns.

A lot is often wrong with these lists and it can lead to wrong decisions being taken such as misplacing our priorities in article submissions. The implication is of course a sub-optimal performance of our websites with consequent negative effect on our bottom line (profit).

The genesis of this problem lies in
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Recycling Blog Posts As A Source For Articles Submitted To Article Directories : A Double-Edged Sword

No doubt, article marketing remains a very effective internet marketing technique for generating massive viral backlinks and highly targeted website traffic. The issue however is whether the source of the webmasters’ articles should be his blog posts.

As explained below, using blog posts as the source for your articles to article directories can be a double-edged sword.Read More

Submit Your Articles The Right Way

It is often said that article marketing is a FREE internet marketing strategy but in my post Free Website Promotion Methods : Is Article Marketing Really One? i tried to point it out that that is not really so. That is not to detract from its usefulness and effectiveness.

For sometime (about 8 months) , i have been using a popular article submission service – submityourarticle. Based on the claims the article submission service made in its advertisement i.e. “Submit Your Articles to 1000s of Publishers and Websites” one would have expected much more than one is really getting. Read More

165 Top Article Directories

No doubt, article marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies which achieves the twin objectives of getting massive backlinks (much needed for top search engine ranking) and getting massive traffic.

An identification of top article directories thus becomes crucial so that the article marketing efforts of the internet marketer will be focused and strategically directed towards those article directories that will give him the best results for his efforts.

With the current web explosion, there are countless article directories, most of which are a mere waste of the internet marketers efforts.Read More

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