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Best Article Directories Lists : So Often Very Misleading And Of Low Standard

So very often, we come across lists of best article directories and assume all is well with these lists and simply go ahead to use them in our article marketing campaigns.

A lot is often wrong with these lists and it can lead to wrong decisions being taken such as misplacing our priorities in article submissions. The implication is of course a sub-optimal performance of our websites with consequent negative effect on our bottom line (profit).

The genesis of this problem lies in
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Submit Your Articles The Right Way

It is often said that article marketing is a FREE internet marketing strategy but in my post Free Website Promotion Methods : Is Article Marketing Really One? i tried to point it out that that is not really so. That is not to detract from its usefulness and effectiveness.

For sometime (about 8 months) , i have been using a popular article submission service – submityourarticle. Based on the claims the article submission service made in its advertisement i.e. “Submit Your Articles to 1000s of Publishers and Websites” one would have expected much more than one is really getting. Read More

Article Marketing Vs Guest Blog Posting

The comparison between Guest Blog Posting and Article Marketing arises out of the economics concept of “opportunity cost” which warrants having a scale of preference to prioritize competing ends for scarce economic resources.

From basic economics, opportunity cost is the real cost of anything in the sense of the alternative forgone.

In the light of the above, since resources, in this case time and money to be spent is not limitless and has so many competing uses, the internet marketer has to schedule these resources between Guest Blog Posting and Article Marketing amongst all other internet marketing strategies.

The comparison becomes more relevant since both aim to achieve almost the same objectives of building backlinks and generating traffic and so are effectively substitutes.

The question often arises as to which of these two strategies is a better option.Read More

Free Website Promotion Methods : Is Article Marketing Really One?

There are many “free” website promotion methods amongst which ostensibly, is article marketing.

From the outset, let me state that it is clear that there is no 100% free website promotion method. If it actually exists, the cost in terms of time will be so much as to render it uneconomical.

Since we know that there is actually no 100% free website promotion method, it ordinarily seems a misnomer to then ask : Is article marketing really a free website promotion method?Read More

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