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Recycling Blog Posts As A Source For Articles Submitted To Article Directories : A Double-Edged Sword

No doubt, article marketing remains a very effective internet marketing technique for generating massive viral backlinks and highly targeted website traffic. The issue however is whether the source of the webmasters’ articles should be his blog posts.

As explained below, using blog posts as the source for your articles to article directories can be a double-edged sword.Read More

Blog Posting With Original Content Written By The Webmaster

Quite often, you get to hear debates or read forum posts on the pros and cons of blog posting with original content.

For the purpose of this blog post, reference is to original content actually written by the webmaster as opposed to content contracted out to be written for the webmasters’ sole use.

Those in favor of blog posting wholly featuring the webmaster’s original content, marshal the following points:
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Duplicate Content Controversy : Clarifying Misconceptions(Part 2)

These are indeed interesting times. If you missed out on Part1 of Duplicate Content Controversy – Clarifying Misconceptions, please visit the link above so that you can be up to speed.

As to be expected, “old habits die hard”. I received some replies to my post on the above, at 5 Star Affiliate Programs Forum.

I have since further illuminated the whole issue and now post the major reply to my first post and my subsequent reply.

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Duplicate Content Controversy – Clarifying Misconceptions

I visited the 5 Star Affiliate Programs Forum and saw the post i quote hereunder apparently written in the thick of the duplicate content controversy and observed that the post seems to have made a lot of “converts” and in fact still remains the “authority” on the subject even till now.

I had no choice than to write a counter-post to clarify issues so that a lot of people are not continuously misinformed. It is for the same reason that i deem it necessary to put both the OP’s post and my reply on this blog.

Happy Reading!

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Duplicate Content Controversy : Finally Laying It To Rest

There usually is a raging controversy amongst webmasters as to how Google and other search engines view and treat duplicate content issues.

Before we reveal the result of our in depth research, we must place “duplicate content” in proper perspective.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is more or less identical content appearing on the same or different sites.

The definition above almost immediately throws up the fact that duplicate content is primarily of two types:

  1. More or less identical content appearing on the same site
  2. More or less identical content appearing on different sites
    • More or less identical content appearing on the same site
  • Google classifies these into two types

    1. Duplicate content with malicious intent or deceptive in origin, on the same site.

    In this category, some webmasters deliberately duplicate content on their sites with a view to manipulating search engine rankings to their advantage and increasing web traffic.

    2. Unintentional Duplicate content without any deceptive intent, on the same site.

    This unintentionally occurs in some instances, for example

    • Discussion forums that can generate both regular and stripped-down pages targeted at mobile devices
    • Store items shown or linked via multiple distinct URLs
    • Printer-only versions of web pages

    What is Google and other search engines view and treatment of the scenario where more or less identical content appears on the same site?

    Our in depth research has revealed the following:Read More

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