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Best Internet Marketing Training Programs

This post originally started out as a reply to a prospect’s question on Stone Evans and the Plug In Profit Site (PIPS) but along the line, i expanded the answer to incorporate an identification of and comparison of the credible internet marketing training programs.

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Website Backup : Using Hostgator Control Panel

website backup

The importance of website backup can not be over-emphasized. Who would want to put in considerable effort and time into writing and updating blog content only to wake up one morning to discover all has disappeared?

Funny enough though, i discover that probably because this does not occur frequently, a lot of webmasters take huge risk by not doing a website backup frequently.

Some use wordpress plugin to do a website backup but this is not a comprehensive enough website backup.

I know quite a number of webmasters use the best web hosting service (Hostgator) as their web host just as i equally do. My emphasis in this post therefore is on how to back up your blog and website content using Hostgator Control Panel.
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Best Web Hosting Service Identified

best web hosting serviceBUY WEB HOSTING HERE NOW!

Choosing the best web hosting service as you start a home based business online is quite important.

The Webhost enables your little corner on the Internet from which you are viewed and can make or mar you as you start a home based business online.
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