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The International Affiliate’s Payment Options With SFI

I often get asked by international affiliates, what payment options they have for paying for any purchase/service at Strong Future International (SFI) and for receiving their affiliate commissions.

Being an international affiliate myself, i recollect that some years ago, i could and did pay with an internationally acceptable debit card. But that is no longer the case since such method of payment is no longer acceptable to SFI.

I am lucky that of recent, i pay for purchases/services from the accumulated funds in my account with SFI.

For international affiliates just starting out with SFI however, i lay down below the various options now acceptable to SFI.Read More

Home Based Web Business : The Many Travails Of The International Affiliate

Quit Hopping From Program To Program. Join This International Affiliate Friendly Top Affiliate Program Now!

In a home based web business, the travails of the international affiliate are quite numerous.

There are broadly speaking, four types of international affiliates and the first, second and third groups are luckier than the fourth group.
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Best Home Based Business Opportunity For An International Affiliate


Without hesitation, I recommend Strong Future International (SFI) as the “single” or “individual” best home based business opportunity for international members.

Note my use of the word “single” or “individual”. This is to distinct it from the “collective” best home based business opportunity which still remains the Plug-In Profit Site.

Let me first quickly clarify the difference between “single” or “individual” and “collective”.
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