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Keyword Matching Options : The Rationale For Competition Determination Based On “Exact” And Not “Broad” Matches

A recurring area of confusion to many internet marketers is, utilization of keyword matching options.

Why use “exact” keyword terms to judge your competition for ranking purposes in the search engine result pages (SERPs) when the search engine user will type in your keywords as a “broad” term i.e. without quotes and results will be presented as such?

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Adwords Keyword List : Creating An Effective List

Pay per click is no doubt a very effective internet marketing technique, if properly deployed. It is particularly effective if the right adwords keyword list is generated and utilized.

I have only indicated Google adwords here but the same principle applies to other pay per click services such as Microsoft advertising and Yahoo search marketing.

Keyword Matching Options

There are basically four keyword matching options under which keywords or keyword phrases are classified.

These basically are:
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