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DoFollow Blog Commenting Tips


I wrote an article outlining some blog commenting tips especially as it relates to dofollow blogs, sometime last year.

It received wide acceptance and was published on Site Pro News and some other notable websites.
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15 DoFollow Blog Commenting Tips That Will Get Your Blog Comments Instant Approval

The following tips have been converted to video form which you can watch in a relaxed state
==>Blog Commenting Tips (VIDEO)

We all know that dofollow blog commenting is a great way of getting backlinks pointing to your website, which in turn ultimately boosts your website’s page rank and indeed improves your keyword ranking.

We all also know how difficult it can be to identify high pagerank dofollow blogs for blog commenting. It therefore stands to reason that once identified, you should take all necessary steps to ensure your blog commenting achieves result by your comments being approved.

How do you increase the chances of your blog comments being approved? By taking the following steps:
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How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google : Using Google Search

To get traffic to your site, it is acknowledged that search engine optimization (SEO) remains about the most enduring and ultimately cheapest means of achieving this. Search engine optimization primarily consists of two components : on-page and off-page optimization. Arguably, off-page optimization constitutes about 70% of SEO and this primarily consists of all actions you take to generate backlinks pointing to your website.

It is natural that you will want to measure the result of your actions in this direction to determine to what extent you are achieving your objective of getting backlinks pointed at your various site pages/keywords.

How do you do this? By learning how to check keyword ranking in the search engines.
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