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Starting An Internet Business? : 16 Questions You Must Address

When a prospective internet marketer is about starting an internet business, it indeed can be very overwhelming.

What with the many aspects he has to consider.

    • Does it matter whatever domain name i pick?
    • How much should i invest in this online business initially before it starts generating revenue?
    • What advertising sources do i invest in and which do i get free?
    • What website type do i use – static or dynamic?
    • What online marketing training program do i join to put me through? Which are the best of these online marketing training programs?
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    Make Money Online With Affiliate Program : Exactly When?

    The question “when will i start to make money online with affiliate program” is a very common one amongst would-be internet marketers or those who have recently commenced online business.

    It is so important that it determines whether some will venture into internet marketing at all or whether some of those who have actually ventured into it without success yet will in fact continue.

    I have decided to approach answering the question in the following way.

    => One major factor need to be in place for you to start to make money online with affiliate program.

    By implication, as soon as you have this factor in place, you will begin to make money online with affiliate program.

    The next question that will automatically arise is

    1. What is this factor?Read More

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